Create Stunning 3D Movies with AI Animation Generator

Create Stunning 3D Movies with AI Animation Generator

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Method 1: Using 2.1. Creating a Free Account 2.2. Writing the Idea for Your Story 2.3. Generating the YouTube Script 2.4. Copying and Pasting the Script to Google Docs 2.5. Using app.artflow.ei for Creating Images 2.6. Pasting Scenes and Creating Images 2.7. Creating the Storyboard 2.8. Adding Dialogues, Effects, and Filters 2.9. Exporting the Final Video
  3. Method 2: Using Deep Motion and Canva 3.1. Signing up on Deep Motion 3.2. Creating a Realistic Avatar 3.3. Customizing the Avatar 3.4. Adding a Running Video 3.5. Editing and Downloading the 3D Avatar 3.6. Using Canva for Customizable Background 3.7. Combining the 3D Animated Video and Background
  4. Conclusion

Create Your Own Animated Movies with Easy AI Tools

Are you a movie enthusiast with a flair for creativity? Do you dream of starring in your own animated films like James Bond or the characters from Squid Games? Well, now you can turn those dreams into reality with the help of easy AI Tools. In this article, we will explore two simple methods that allow you to create your own short animated movies and fulfill all your fantasies. Whether you're an aspiring filmmaker or simply want to have fun, these methods will help you unleash your creativity and make your own cinematic masterpieces. So, let's dive in and discover how you can become the next Oscar-winning director!

Method 1: Using

Creating a Free Account: The first step in creating your own animated movie is to visit and create a free account. Once you've registered, log in to access the user-friendly interface that will guide you through the movie-making process.

Writing the Idea for Your Story: In the YouTube section of, you can start by writing the idea for your story. Be creative and let your imagination flow as you craft the plot for your animated masterpiece.

Generating the YouTube Script: After writing your story idea, click on "Create Content" to let generate the entire YouTube script for your animated story. The AI-powered system will create a script based on your story idea, saving you time and effort.

Copying and Pasting the Script to Google Docs: Once the script is generated, simply copy it and paste it into one of your Google Docs folders. This way, you can easily access and use the script in the next stage of the movie-making process.

Using app.artflow.ei for Creating Images: Now it's time to visit app.artflow.ei, the second website we'll be using for creating images. Just like with, create a free account at app.artflow.ei and explore the user-friendly interface.

Pasting Scenes and Creating Images: Go back to your Google Docs and select the scene created by Copy and paste each scene into app.artflow.ei to create images for all the scenes in your animated movie. Take your time and ensure each image reflects your vision.

Creating the Storyboard: Once you've pasted all the images and created the characters for your animated movie, return to the main page of app.artflow.ei. From there, proceed to the Video Studio section, where you will find all the images created by the website based on the script provided by

Adding Dialogues, Effects, and Filters: In the Video Studio, select the scenes from your storyboard and add dialogues to bring your movie to life. Choose from a variety of voice options and preview the dialogue before making your selection. Additionally, you can add camera effects and filters to enhance the visual appeal of your animated movie.

Exporting the Final Video: Once you've crafted the entire story according to your liking, click on "Export" to finalize your animated movie. Sit back and wait as the website processes your video, creating a captivating masterpiece that showcases your imagination and storytelling skills.

Method 2: Using Deep Motion and Canva

Signing up on Deep Motion: To explore this second method, sign up on the Deep Motion website. Creating a free account using your email ID will grant you access to Deep Motion's suite of features for creating 3D animated movies.

Creating a Realistic Avatar: Once your account is set up, dive into the world of 3D avatars. Deep Motion allows you to create a realistic avatar by adding pictures of your face. Simply follow the instructions and let the AI system generate a 3D replica of yourself.

Customizing the Avatar: Deep Motion offers extensive customization options for your avatar. Personalize its hairstyle, clothing, and accessories to bring your animated character to life. With a wide selection of options, your avatar can be tailored to match your vision and style.

Adding a Running Video: Now it's time to incorporate motion into your animated movie. Deep Motion allows you to upload a video, such as a running sequence, to give your avatar dynamic movement and enhance the overall quality of your film.

Editing and Downloading the 3D Avatar: After uploading your video, Deep Motion offers editing tools to trim and crop the footage. You can also adjust the speed and add effects to make your avatar's movements more captivating. Once you're satisfied, download the 3D avatar in your preferred format.

Using Canva for Customizable Background: To create a visually appealing backdrop for your animated movie, visit Canva. This user-friendly platform provides a wide variety of customizable backgrounds that you can use to enhance the aesthetics of your film. Simply select a template and customize it according to your preferences.

Combining the 3D Animated Video and Background: The final step is to combine the 3D animated video created with Deep Motion and the customized background from Canva. This can be done using any video editing software, such as Final Cut Pro or DaVinci Resolve. The two elements will seamlessly merge to create a visually stunning and immersive animated movie.

Conclusion: In today's digital age, creating your own animated movies has never been easier. With the help of easy AI tools like and Deep Motion, as well as the customizable resources provided by Canva, the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild as you bring your stories to life through captivating visuals and engaging narratives. So, what are you waiting for? Put on your creative hat, harness the power of AI, and start making your own animated movies today!


  • Easy AI tools make it possible to create animated movies with just a few clicks.
  • generates YouTube scripts based on your story idea, saving time and effort.
  • app.artflow.ei allows you to create images for each scene of your animated movie.
  • Deep Motion enables the creation of realistic avatars and provides extensive customization options.
  • Combine Deep Motion's 3D animated video with customizable backgrounds from Canva for visually stunning results.


Q: Can I create my own animated movies even if I have no prior experience? A: Absolutely! Easy AI tools like and Deep Motion provide user-friendly interfaces and guide you through the movie-making process. You don't need any technical expertise to bring your stories to life.

Q: Are there any limitations to the customization options available for avatars? A: Not at all. Deep Motion offers a wide range of customization options for your avatars, allowing you to match them with your vision and bring your characters to life exactly as you imagine them.

Q: Can I use my own videos as a background for my animated movies? A: While using your own videos as backgrounds is possible, it may require additional editing using video editing software. However, with Canva's customizable backgrounds, you have a wide variety of options to enhance the aesthetics of your animated movies.

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