Discover the Exciting AI Features in Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Discover the Exciting AI Features in Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Table of Contents

  1. AI Features in Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra
    • Photo Editing with AI
    • AI in Keyboard
    • Google Search with AI
    • ai Summarizer in Samsung Notes
    • Real-Time Translation during Calls
    • ai Transcription in Voice Recording
    • Camera Upgrades
    • Premium Design with Titanium Frame
    • Brighter and Slimmer Display
    • Performance with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Chip

📱 AI Features in Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra have introduced a range of exciting AI features to enhance the user experience. From advanced photo editing to real-time translation and voice Transcription, these devices are packed with artificial intelligence capabilities that are sure to impress. Let's explore the various AI features in detail.

📸 Photo Editing with AI

One of the standout AI features in the Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra is the enhanced photo editing capabilities. The phones now come with an AI-powered photo editor, indicated by a blue star icon. When selected, this AI feature analyzes the photo and offers quick adjustments such as tilting and editing with just a tap. The AI's ability to generate impressive edits automatically is truly remarkable.

However, the AI does have some limitations when it comes to removing objects from the background. While it can accurately cut out objects, the automatic filling in of blank areas may not always be seamless. Further testing is required to determine the extent of its capabilities. Nevertheless, having this level of AI functionality built directly into the phone is impressive.

⌨️ AI in Keyboard

The S24's keyboard is also equipped with AI capabilities, providing users with enhanced writing options. After typing a message, users can access the AI icon, which offers three options: chat translation, writing style, and spelling and grammar check. The writing style feature rewrites the message in different styles, providing users with multiple options to choose from. This feature adds a touch of creativity to conversations, with some of the styles even incorporating emojis. The chat translation AI allows for real-time translation of messages into different languages, offering convenience for multilingual communication. Additionally, the spelling and grammar check feature quickly scans messages for any errors, ensuring clear and accurate communication.

🔎 Google Search with AI

Samsung has introduced a new AI-powered way to search using the Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra. By tapping and holding the home button, users can activate an AI feature that scans the screen. By drawing a circle around any object, the AI will analyze the circled item and perform a Google search, displaying Relevant results. This feature is incredibly useful for quickly identifying unfamiliar objects or finding more information about something seen on platforms like Instagram. This functionality, reminiscent of Google Lens, offers a user-friendly and convenient way to search directly from the phone.

🗒️ AI Summarizer in Samsung Notes

The Samsung Notes app now incorporates an AI Summarizer, providing users with multiple useful features. When selecting the star icon in the app, users gain access to auto-formatting, summarization, Spell check, and translation options. The auto-formatting feature automatically adds headers and bullet points to notes or PDFs, creating a more organized and visually appealing format. Summarizing notes or PDFs is also incredibly quick, saving users time and effort. The AI translation option proves handy for translating text to or from different languages, eliminating the need for third-party translation apps. These AI-powered features make Samsung Notes even more versatile and efficient.

🌐 Real-Time Translation during Calls

One of the Hidden Gems of the S24 Ultra is its ability to provide real-time translation during phone calls. With the live Translate feature buried within the call settings, users can now experience seamless translation as conversations unfold. Users can select the preferred language for both input and output, with multiple languages available to choose from. This innovative feature enables effortless communication in different languages and has the potential to be immensely useful in various scenarios.

🎙️ AI Transcription in Voice Recording

Voice recording capabilities have received a significant boost in the S24 Ultra, thanks to AI technology. The voice recording app now analyzes each person speaking in a recording and transcribes their dialogue. This functionality extends to both new and old voice recordings, providing a comprehensive transcription of audio. The playback feature highlights each WORD in the transcribed text, enhancing the overall user experience. Furthermore, the AI can summarize entire voice notes, delivering succinct summaries for easy reference. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who rely on voice recording to capture their thoughts and ideas.

📷 Camera Upgrades

While the overall camera setup in the S24 Ultra remains similar to its predecessor, significant improvements have been made to the zoom camera. The addition of a five times optical zoom lens, combined with the 50-megapixel sensor, allows for sharper and more detailed zoomed-in shots. The AI-powered provisual engine further enhances the digital zoom capabilities, transforming grainy and pixelated images into stunning visuals. The results are truly impressive, and the camera upgrades offer a substantial leap in performance.

Additionally, the gallery in the S24 Ultra introduces a fun feature that turns normal videos into slow-motion videos. By simply tapping and holding on any video, users can enjoy a slow-motion effect. The phone achieves this effect by adding extra frames to the video, resulting in captivating slow-motion footage. While this feature may not be groundbreaking, it adds a playful twist to video playback.

💎 Premium Design with Titanium Frame

The S24 series introduces a more premium design, owing to its titanium frame. This material not only enhances durability but also minimizes fingerprint smudges and reduces the device's weight. The slightly boxier look, along with the flat screen, provides a more comfortable and secure grip. The color options, including titanium black, titanium violet, titanium gray, and titanium yellow, offer a more muted and sophisticated palette. The gray variant, in particular, stands out as a favored choice. Overall, the S24 Ultra exhibits slight physical differences from its predecessor, with a noticeable microphone hole being one of the few distinguishing features.

🌟 Brighter and Slimmer Display

The S24 Ultra boasts a brighter display, with a substantial increase in brightness up to 2,600 nits. This makes it the brightest display among Samsung smartphones, ensuring excellent visibility even in bright sunlight. The adaptive refresh rate ranges from 1 Herz to 120 Hz, providing a smooth and responsive user experience. Although some might have hoped for a higher refresh rate, the S24 Ultra's display still delivers impressive performance. The slightly slimmer bezel enhances the immersive viewing experience, offering more screen real estate for users to enjoy their content.

💪 Performance with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Chip

To match the advanced AI capabilities, the S24 Ultra is equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, currently the fastest chip available for Android devices. This powerful chip ensures smooth and efficient performance, whether for everyday tasks or intensive gaming. Samsung claims that the Gen 3 chip is 56% faster for gaming than its predecessor, highlighting the device's commitment to delivering exceptional performance. Improved cooling capabilities contribute to better heat management, ultimately enhancing battery performance. The S24 series also stands out with an impressive commitment to software updates, promising seven years of software and security updates. This longevity solidifies Samsung's dedication to providing users with the latest features and security enhancements for an extended period.

🤔 Conclusion

The AI features in the Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra represent a substantial advancement in smartphone technology. From AI-empowered photo editing to convenient real-time translation, these devices offer an array of useful functionalities. The upgraded cameras, premium design, brighter display, and top-notch performance make the S24 series a standout choice for smartphone enthusiasts. Samsung has truly pushed the boundaries of AI integration in their latest devices, providing users with a range of innovative features that enhance productivity, creativity, and overall user experience.


  • AI-powered photo editing introduces quick adjustments and automatic editing for users' convenience.
  • The keyboard's AI capabilities offer options for writing style, chat translation, and spelling and grammar check.
  • The new AI-enabled Google search feature provides convenient on-screen object recognition and search capabilities.
  • Samsung Notes incorporates an AI summarizer, auto-formatting, and translation options for improved note-taking.
  • Real-time translation during calls enables seamless communication between different languages.
  • Voice recording includes AI transcription, word highlighting, and summarization features.
  • Camera upgrades deliver sharper images, a five times optical zoom lens, and AI-powered post-processing.
  • The titanium frame enhances durability, reduces fingerprints, and gives a premium feel to the device.
  • The brighter and slimmer display provides excellent visibility and an immersive viewing experience.
  • The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip ensures fast and efficient performance, with improved cooling and battery performance.
  • The S24 series offers seven years of software and security updates, ensuring long-term usability and security.


Q: Can the AI-empowered photo editor completely remove objects from the background? A: While the AI photo editor can accurately cut out objects, the automatic filling in of blank areas may not always be perfect. Further testing is necessary to assess its capabilities fully.

Q: How many different writing styles are available with the AI keyboard feature? A: The AI keyboard offers various writing styles that users can choose from. Each style presents a unique way to rewrite the message, with some even incorporating emojis.

Q: How many languages are currently supported by the live translation feature during calls? A: The live translation feature currently supports 13 languages, but Samsung plans to add more options in the future.

Q: Can the AI-powered transcription in voice recordings distinguish between different speakers? A: Yes, the AI can identify individual speakers and transcribe their dialogue accordingly. This feature provides a comprehensive understanding of voice recordings.

Q: How does the AI-powered camera post-processing improve image quality? A: The AI-powered provisual engine processes images taken with digital zoom, enhancing their clarity and reducing noise. This feature significantly improves the visual quality of zoomed-in shots.

Q: What colors are available in the S24 series' titanium design? A: The S24 series offers titanium black, titanium violet, titanium gray, and titanium yellow color options. The titanium gray variant is particularly popular.

Q: Does the AI summarizer in Samsung Notes replace the manual summarization process? A: Yes, the AI summarizer in Samsung Notes can quickly generate summaries of notes or PDFs, saving users time and effort.

Q: How does the AI-powered transcription feature in voice recording highlight spoken words? A: When playing back a transcribed voice recording, the AI highlights each word in blue, making it easier for users to follow along.

Q: Is the AI summarizer in Samsung Notes compatible with PDF files? A: Yes, the AI summarizer can scan both notes and PDF files, allowing users to generate concise summaries for their content.

Q: Can the S24 Ultra support higher refresh rates for its display? A: While the S24 Ultra maintains a maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz, its adaptive refresh rate ensures smooth performance across various applications and activities.

Q: How long will Samsung provide software and security updates for the S24 series? A: Samsung guarantees seven years of software and security updates for the S24 series, ensuring long-term usability and protection for users.

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