Discover Your IQ with CerebrumIQ - Reviews and Features

The question of how to accurately determine IQs is a thorny one. With people spread across the world  of different language groups, cultures, and other sorts, finding objective, universal means of figuring out IQs can seem an almost impossible task.


However, a new tool has come along that is truly making waves in the IQ testing industry. Cerebrum IQ has developed a distinct science of testing across national and cultural barriers that is helping people everywhere get a better grasp on this ever-challenging task. Let's take a closer look at how it works.

Discover Your IQ with CerebrumIQ - Reviews and Features

Systematic measurement of cognitive skills


The way that Cerebrum IQ works is by isolating different types of cognitive functions and assessing them separately. IQ level is not simply an indication of a single ability, of course. It is a complex system of functions that need to be considered individually in order to figure out.


What the developers of this IQ test have done is separate the various types of cognitive abilities and put them into five distinct categories:

  1. Reaction ability. Part of being a quick thinker means being able to react quickly to newly-presented stimuli. Cerebrum IQ has developed its tests to assess the speed with which people can respond to new information.
  2. Another major aspect of cognitive ability is logic. Regardless of a person’s age, he or she needs to possess certain levels of logical reasoning in order to be on par with his or her peers. Cerebrum IQ has worked this into both its tests and its activities for improving logical reasoning ability.
  3. Memory, of course, is also an essential part of a person’s IQ. Without the ability to remember information that you’ve been presented with, other cognitive functions become difficult or impossible. Cerebrum IQ has also developed a mechanism for testing and working on the ability to retain information.
  4. The ability to concentrate is something that many people struggle with these days. The average attention span of people globally is getting shorter and shorter all the time, and the quick-paced Tik Tok world that we live in doesn’t seem to help. Cerebrum IQ has an answer for this, and it has a proven mechanism for both testing and improving upon concentration ability.
  5. Cerebrum IQ has separated the functions of speed and reaction, with speed being treated as the speed with which problems can be solved and information can be understood. It is by means of isolating this as a separate function that tests are designed.


Increasing levels of difficulty


After isolating the different types of cognitive functions, the developers at Cerebrum IQ have designed their test to include gradually increasing levels of difficulty. Test takers are presented with six potential responses for any given question, and they can go back and forth between questions, answering challenging questions towards the end if they wish.


Upon completion, test takers are presented with their score, and they are also given a detailed explanation of how it came about. What’s most useful is that they have the opportunity to go back and work on different functions if they wish. Cerebrum IQ provides activities and interactive games that allow people to work on individual aspects of their tests that might have been weak or could use more work.


Public reaction


The public response to Cerebrum IQ has been overwhelming. People of all ages see it as a way to sharpen their minds and create a whole new intellectual path in life that will lead them in a more productive direction.


People speak of making Cerebrum IQ part of their regular morning routine, for example. Get up, do a few exercises, assess the results. See how you fare vis-a-vis the day before, or the week before. And the more people progress, the more they want to use the program.


People also appreciate the fact that the program takes individual feedback into consideration. Users speak of its having “listened” to their feedback and responded accordingly. Not many software programs can make this claim.


Another interesting fact about the Cerebrum IQ response is that even older people rave about its ability to help them. Many people think that IQs are fixed by the time you reach a certain age, but this isn’t necessarily so. Anyone can be challenged and learn how to sharpen their cognitive skills.


Try it out today


Regardless of the age of you, your kids, or anyone interested in understanding and working on their IQ, Cerebrum IQ is worth checking out. With it, you will not only gain a deeper understanding of where you currently stand in terms of cognitive ability, but you will have the opportunity to sharpen your skills in a fun, effective, and useful way. Check it out today, and get started on an incredible intellectual journey.


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