Mastering Bing Image Creator: Expert Tips & Tricks

Mastering Bing Image Creator: Expert Tips & Tricks

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Accessing the Microsoft Image Creator
  3. Understanding the Explore Section
  4. Two Different Ways to Generate Images
  5. Boosts and How to Obtain More
  6. Using the Surprise Me Button
  7. Personalizing Your Prompts with Chat GPT
  8. Saving and Downloading Images
  9. Upscaling Images
  10. Troubleshooting Image Quality



Microsoft recently unveiled its own image generator on, and since its launch, the Bing Image Creator has made significant progress in terms of features and functionality. In this article, we will explore all the new features of the Bing image creator and discuss how to generate high-quality images with easy steps and tricks.

Accessing the Microsoft Image Creator

To access Microsoft's image creator, You need to have a Microsoft account. If you don't have an account yet, you can Create one on It is also recommended to use Microsoft Edge as your web browser when using this AI Image Generator. Once you have logged into your account, you can access the Bing image creator page by typing " create" in the search bar or quickly accessing it through the slide bar.

Understanding the Explore Section

The explore section in the Bing image creator provides a number of already generated images. This gives you an idea of the Type of image you can expect from the image generator. It is a great way to explore different images and get inspiration for your own creations.

Two Different Ways to Generate Images

There are two different ways to generate images with Bing image creator. The first is the quick image generation mode, which provides 25 boosts to use. However, if you run out of boosts, the image generation quality may be lower, and it may take more time to generate an image. You can redeem more Bing image creator boosts by using your Microsoft rewards points, and Microsoft restores the boosts on a weekly basis.

The Second way is by using the "Surprise Me" button. This button generates a random prompt for you to create an image. It serves as a feature to surprise and inspire you, helping you think outside the box. However, note that the "Surprise Me" button only generates a prompt and not the image itself.

Personalizing Your Prompts with Chat GPT

To personalize your Bing image creator experience, you can use Chat GPT. By logging into your GPT account and following a specific prompt generation formula, you can ask for an image with variations. This allows you to generate unique and personalized images according to your preference and requirements.

Saving and Downloading Images

Once the image is generated, it will appear with four pictures in a GRID. If you want to add any of the images to your collection, simply select the picture and click the save button. You can also access your saved collections in the toolbar. Additionally, you can download the generated image to your local drive by clicking the download button.

Upscaling Images

While the Bing image creator does not support upscaling pictures, you can use other tools to upscale the generated image. These tools can enhance the resolution and quality of the image. Although upscaling is not directly available within the Bing image creator, you can explore external options to achieve better results.

Troubleshooting Image Quality

Sometimes, you may encounter issues with the quality of certain body parts in the generated images, such as legs, eyes, or hands. To solve this problem, you can modify your prompt to eliminate or minimize the appearance of those specific body parts. Experimenting with different prompts and variations can help you achieve better image quality and accuracy.

In conclusion, the Bing image creator offers a range of features and functionalities for generating high-quality images. From personalizing prompts to exploring different art styles, this AI-powered tool helps unleash creativity and provides a seamless image generation experience. Remember to make use of boosts, save and download images, and troubleshoot any quality issues for optimal results.

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