Revolutionize Your CNC Design with These 5 Free AI Tools

Revolutionize Your CNC Design with These 5 Free AI Tools

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Microsoft Bing Image Creator
    • How to use Microsoft Bing Image Creator
    • Pros and cons of Microsoft Bing Image Creator
  3. Canva
    • Using Canva for graphical design
    • AI-powered photograph creation in Canva
    • Magic Edit tool in Canva
  4. Pixel Cut AI Image Upscaler
    • Enhancing image quality with Pixel Cut AI Image Upscaler
    • Benefits of using Pixel Cut AI Image Upscaler
  5. The Marigold Depth Estimator and 3D Depth Map Tool
    • Generating depth maps with Marigold Depth Estimator
    • Creating 3D models using the 3D Depth Map Tool
  6. Inkscape
    • Utilizing the Trace Bitmap tool in Inkscape
    • Different types of scans in Inkscape
    • Exporting SVG vectors from Inkscape to Carveco Maker Plus
  7. Conclusion

Microsoft Bing Image Creator

Microsoft Bing Image Creator is an incredibly powerful tool that allows users to create high-quality images just from a text input. By simply typing in a description, the tool generates detailed images that can be easily converted to SVG or STL models. The more detailed the description, the better the resulting images. The tool offers the convenience of downloading and importing the images, making it a Game changer for CNC design projects.


  • Ability to create detailed images from text
  • Easy conversion to SVG or STL models


  • Limited customization options


Canva is a versatile graphical design program that provides users with a wide range of options for creating and manipulating photographs. With its user-friendly interface and numerous templates and styles, Canva makes it easy to design stunning visuals. Additionally, Canva employs AI technology to generate photographs from text inputs, similar to Microsoft Bing Image Creator. The Magic Edit tool allows users to make specific changes to an image based on text selections, offering further customization possibilities.


  • Extensive templates and styles for design
  • AI-powered photograph creation from text
  • Magic Edit tool for precise image editing


  • Limited advanced editing features

Pixel Cut AI Image Upscaler

Pixel Cut AI Image Upscaler is a tool designed to enhance image quality by making low-resolution photos cleaner and sharper. It is particularly useful for transforming low-quality images into high-resolution versions. By uploading an image to the tool, users can experience a notable difference in image quality. The resulting high-resolution image can then be utilized for various purposes, including creating vectors using a bitmap to image tool.


  • Ability to improve image quality
  • Suitable for creating high-resolution photos from low-resolution originals


  • Limited functionality beyond image upscaling

The Marigold Depth Estimator and 3D Depth Map Tool

The Marigold Depth Estimator is a tool that generates both color and black and white depth maps from an uploaded image. These depth maps can be used to generate STL models within Carveco Maker Plus. The light colors in the depth maps indicate raised areas, while the dark colors signify lowered areas. By utilizing the 3D printing depth map tool, users can experiment with different settings and create STL models based on the uploaded image. Although the resulting STL models may require further refinement, they serve as a solid foundation for creating 3D models in Carveco Maker Plus.


  • Generation of color and black and white depth maps
  • Creation of STL models for 3D printing


  • STL models generated may require additional refinement


Although not strictly an AI Tool, Inkscape offers functionalities that mimic certain behaviors of AI-powered tools. One notable feature of Inkscape is its Trace Bitmap tool, which is reminiscent of the trace bitmap tool found in Carveco. However, Inkscape's Trace Bitmap tool offers more options, including single scan, multicolor, and Pixel Art scans. These different scanning options allow users to tailor the tracing effects to their preferences, resulting in SVG or vector graphics of the original photo. Exporting the SVG vector from Inkscape and importing it into Carveco is a seamless process, making it an invaluable tool for CNC design projects.


  • Trace Bitmap tool for converting images to SVG or vector graphics
  • Multiple scanning options for different tracing effects


  • Steeper learning curve compared to other tools


The world of AI in CNC design has introduced a range of innovative tools that have the potential to revolutionize the industry. Microsoft Bing Image Creator, Canva, Pixel Cut AI Image Upscaler, The Marigold Depth Estimator and 3D Depth Map Tool, and Inkscape all offer unique features and functionalities for CNC designers. Whether you need to create detailed images from text, design stunning visuals, enhance image quality, generate STL models, or trace bitmap images, these tools provide powerful solutions that are both easy to use and free.


  • Microsoft Bing Image Creator is a powerful tool for generating detailed images from text inputs.
  • Canva offers extensive design options and AI-powered photograph creation.
  • Pixel Cut AI Image Upscaler enhances image quality, particularly for low-resolution photos.
  • The Marigold Depth Estimator and 3D Depth Map Tool are valuable for creating STL models from depth maps.
  • Inkscape's Trace Bitmap tool provides enhanced tracing options for converting images to vector graphics.

FAQ: Q: Can these tools be used for commercial purposes? A: Yes, these tools can be used for commercial projects as they are free to use.

Q: Are there any limitations to the Canva Magic Edit tool? A: The Canva Magic Edit tool offers basic image editing capabilities, but it may not provide advanced features found in dedicated editing software.

Q: Can the STL models generated by The Marigold Depth Estimator be directly used for 3D printing? A: The STL models generated by The Marigold Depth Estimator may require further refinement for optimal 3D printing results.

Q: Does Inkscape offer any other useful features for CNC design? A: Inkscape provides various useful features, such as vector editing, node manipulation, and object creation, making it a versatile tool for CNC design projects.


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