The Top 6 CRM reports every marketer should use

Small business owners are critical in making decisions based on data. Dependence on intuition is only sometimes enough to consider how your business performs you always require solid evidence.

As the market grows increasingly into the digital world, Business Intelligence (BI) is becoming crucial for successful marketing and sales campaigns. But BI tools will derail you on the budget front. That's why Customer Relationship Management (CRM) comes into the market. Here, learn everything about CRM and 6 CRM reports every marketer should use. So, let's dive in!

The Top 6 CRM reports every marketer should use

What is a CRM Report?

A CRM is a managed document that offers you information about your business. CRM software helps you generate insightful analytics and reports by instantly storing data. These reports permit you to analyze how your marketing sales teams and efforts are going, determine where you need improvement, and help you make better business decisions.

Different CRM reports are crucial. It would help to consider which reports are efficient for your desired goals or analyze them as tools to help you evaluate your business's operations.

Normally, sales CRM reports are restricted to marketing and sales, but if you have authentic data, you can use the information from these reports to make strategic and profitable business decisions beyond marketing and sales.

Why Use a CRM for Reporting?

Generally, CRM reporting helps unlock what is happening in your business. It allows you;

  • Know the data gaps that can eventually lead to less profitable business outcomes.
  • Inspect the performance and flow of sales representatives.
  • They understand your prospect and customer profile to find which leads have more chances of conversion.

Sometimes, the leads are not getting to the accurate sales reps, or your reps are occupied in chasing the invalid leads while missing out on potentially profitable opportunities. However, that's where CRM reporting is introduced to identify the sales reps who need to approach valid leads. It boosts the opportunities for sales.

So don't allow this to negatively impact on your business. Build a strong CRM report right now to get the highest!

6 CRM Reports Every Marketer Should Use to Align with Sales

CRM reports aid businesses in marketing more smartly by pointing out the problems to solve and tracking their outcomes. A marketer can track marketing campaign report, their performance and ROI.

Here are the 6 CRM reports that every marketer should use to align with sales.

Campaign Leads by Channel

When figuring out web traffic analytics, you are trying to get answers to the following two questions: which channel generates the most conversions? And which landing/leading page directs traffic to numerous pages.

Campaign leads by channel reports unlock these answers. Once you know which channel drives more conversions, you can copy specific layouts and texting when generating the latest channels. You'll know what a successful campaign leads by channels look like, so you can repeat that look one new channel ahead.

The Top 6 CRM reports every marketer should use

The landing page is where people "land" from a marketing source. The "lead page" can be defined as the page people were on when they decided to fill out forms, call, or start a web chat. Knowing where people land and where they set up converting, you'll learn how web traffic transforms into leads.

Opportunities Generated

The Opportunities Generated report in CRM offers detailed insights into the opportunities generated within a specific time period and assists businesses in determining the effectiveness of their sales strategies.

You can get a comprehensive overview of potential sales arranged by sales stage, customer territory, products, sales territory, and ratings. Depending on the current status of the open opportunities, staff can optimize their marketing plans to drive attraction from respective leads.

Lead Source Analysis Report

A lead source analysis report helps you to understand which channels drive the most leads to your business.

The Top 6 CRM reports every marketer should use

A CRM lead source analysis report allows you to monitor which marketing channels generate leads. You can track how prospects became aware of your business and what makes them involved in your services and products.

By knowing these valuable insights, you can improve the lead generation strategies that attract the most conversions and leads for your business instead of wasting resources on the ones that don't.

Campaigns by Revenue Generated

These CRM reports will help you understand whether your sales and marketing campaigns are successful. If they generate high revenue, you can add more resources to specific campaigns to boost the revenue by making more sales.

The Top 6 CRM reports every marketer should use

Such reports offer small business owners an outstanding way to understand which marketing channels work best to drive new customers and convert them into repeat consumers of their service or product.

Evaluating your outcomes in numbers helps you maximize your chances faster and optimize your time. The report will assist you in better adjusting your marketing budget and driving new customers in a short time.

Call Report

Track all the calls by day and acknowledge when your support team members get criticized or when your sales staff should have a dial block. According to digital marketing advice, you can also deploy this data to track which days you should target with PPC ads, social posts, and email campaigns ahead.

The Top 6 CRM reports every marketer should use

When you learn when and how leads contact you, you can optimize your sales and marketing schedule accordingly.

Profitability Report

The Top 6 CRM reports every marketer should use

A profitability report helps you know where the money comes from, not in the campaign but in terms of particular customers. By extracting your customer data from buying history and customer purchasing nature, you can report which consumer:

  • Are the most loyal to your business
  • Make significant contributions to your revenue
  • Have the most significant potential to buy again and again from you

Such data can be helpful for B2B companies (who deploy account-based businesses to drive revenue) and non-profits (who require leveraging their major donors as society advocates).

How Teams Use CRM Reports?

Teams across multiple posts in a company use CRM reports in different ways to improvise their processes, improve customer relationships and achieve their business goals. Let's have a look over how teams typically deploy CRM reports:

  • Sales teams use CRM reports to track opportunities at various sales funnel stages (pipeline adjustment), monitor performance through metrics like conversion rates, closing deals, and sales quotes, report customer interaction, and determine sales forecasts.
  • Marketing teams use these CRM reports to evaluate campaign effectiveness, analyze customer segments, and improve strategies and lead qualities.
  • Customer Service Team manages customer cases (including customer satisfaction, time, and other problems), monitors service performance, and analyses customer feedback through CRM reports.
  • Management and Executives deploy these CRM reports to make informed strategic decisions, monitor the performance of multiple departments and for financial planning.
  • Product Development Teams use these reports to solve customers' problems with products and track feature requests.
  • Operation Teams utilize these CRM reports to detect workflow efficiency and optimize resource allocation and planning.

Take away

  • Campaign leads by channels report help to drive more and new customers to your business.
  • Opportunities-generated reports offer detailed insight generated within a specific time frame and track the effectiveness of strategies.
  • Lead source analysis reports help to understand which channels drive more leads to your business.
  • Campaign by revenue generated report helps to evaluate which campaign is successful and used to optimize campaign strategies.
  • Call report aid to summarise the interaction with the customers at various points.
  • Profitability reports help to find the authentic buyer of your product and service according to their habits.

In short, CRM reports help business owners generate high revenue and optimize their teams' productivity.

If you're not using these 6 CRM reports every marketer should use, you're missing out on a massive opportunity for success. It's time to start playing with data and find more growth opportunities.



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