Top AI Tools You Must Need for Your Small Business

Top AI Tools You Must Need for Your Small Business

We live in a digital era where advanced technology helps us accomplish various tasks. The involvement of technology is seen in various industries and landscapes. One of the marvelous breakthroughs made possible due to technological advancements is AI (Artificial Intelligence). You can call it a groundbreaking innovation in the IT (Information Technology) ecosystem, which has found various applications in multiple industries. 

Modern-day small businesses aiming to make their mark in an overly competitive market, grab the targeted audience’s attention, and boost their productivity should take advantage of AI. 

Small businesses and startups should try to make the most of AI using various tools based on this highly advanced technology. This approach can help them limit expenses, save a considerable number of work hours, and streamline various operations essential to keep your business on the right path. 

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners are unaware of highly useful AI-based tools capable of helping them keep everything related to their business in check and ensure enhanced productivity. This article solves this problem by outlining a few essential AI tools small businesses and startups need to boost productivity while ensuring limited use of available budget and resources. 

Further Details about such useful AI tools are given below.

Reverse Image Search by

Top AI Tools You Must Need for Your Small Business

Businesses often need to find images relevant to their online content and watch out for entities trying to steal their visual assets. offers an advanced AI-based reverse image search tool that doesn’t miss any worth-noticing image search results. Unlike other search engine-administered photo lookup utilities, it doesn’t rely on a single database. It is capable of fetching results from various platforms concurrently. Moreover, It allows you to search by image and displays results from all search engines in one place.

This advanced reverse image search tool is easily accessible through various devices, including smartphones, PCs, and tablets. It is readily usable because no registration is required to perform a search. This tool also enables users to provide search queries through various channels.


Pictory AI

Top AI Tools You Must Need for Your Small Business

Videos can help small businesses reach out to their target audience and effectively boost their marketing campaigns. Pictory AI can be a handy tool for small businesses, helping them create engaging videos quickly. This AI-based video and voice editing tool can easily convert long-form content into engaging videos. It will enable you to create and edit videos from text to reflect a professional look of your business.

It also condenses long-form content into short, creating engaging videos using AI-powered summarization. The tool also comes with an auto-captioning feature that enables it to accurately add captions to videos you create or edit through it. It can also generate short clips from social media by summarizing and extracting key points from long videos. In short, it is a powerful AI tool that caters to all your video articulation needs. 


Top AI Tools You Must Need for Your Small Business

As the name suggests, this tool is an AI chatbot designed to help small businesses handle user queries in real-time. With HuggingChat, small businesses don’t need to hire or specify human resources for customer services. This tool is capable of operating 24/7 and responding to various user queries without human intervention. All it needs is a little training based on pre-existing data and patterns.

Once this specialized AI chatbot gets trained completely, it can easily recognize the intents behind various interactions on the users’ side. It can also support contextual conversations and multi-turn dialogues by keeping track of past interactions with particular customers. This tool also gives you space for further model training and fine-tuning to ensure optimum performance. 

Otter AI

Top AI Tools You Must Need for Your Small Business

Do you still specify human resources for manual transcription of meetings, seminars, events, and interactions? Otter AI can take the charge for this purpose. It is a perfect tool to help you get automated meeting notes and key takeaways with utmost precision. This tool is handy enough to offer real-time transcription of meetings and events like seminars for easier reference to transcription by participants.

It can also record various sounds, capture slides, and generate summaries of meetings and interactions easily. It connects with calendar tools and automatically joins meetings. Otter AI provides easier collaboration and sharing, allowing multiple users to access, edit, and contribute to transcription concurrently. Users who want to find a specific part of the transcription made by Otter AI can easily navigate through it by searching keywords. 

Hootsuite Insights

Top AI Tools You Must Need for Your Small Business

Hootsuite Insights is an efficient AI-powered social media management tool capable of concurrently managing various social media handles using a single dashboard. Modern-day businesses require such an efficient tool to stay active on social media and gather valuable insights from various platforms. This tool can analyze data fetched from various social media platforms and enable business owners to keep everything in check.

Using this efficient social media management tool, business owners can monitor their brand’s repo and track their overall social media performance. It also helps them stay updated regarding consumer sentiments about their brand on social media. The tool also tracks industry trends and enables businesses to initiate targeted social media campaigns for ideal lead generation and conversions.

In the End

Businesses, small or large, can’t survive in the modern era where everything relies on advanced technology, especially AI. Hence, businesses should also get the most out of AI and take advantage of it to streamline business operations, ensure cost-effectiveness, and boost productivity using various AI tools. We have discussed a few highly efficient tools to help small business owners make it possible. Hopefully, entrepreneurs and small business owners will have a lot to take away from this article! We wish them luck with their businesses!



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