AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut) VS Vidix

Compare AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut) VS Vidix, what is the difference between AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut) and Vidix?

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AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut) summarize

ChatGPT Shortcut is a convenient command table that categorizes ChatGPT functions for quick access. It can be used to simplify your workflow and increase productivity through label filtering, keyword search, and one-click copy of prompt words.

AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut) Landing Page

Vidix summarize

Vidix is an innovative tool for macOS, designed to enhance productivity by automating tasks using AI-driven prompts and shortcodes. The possibilities are endless, write the prompt, the computer works for you, across all applications on macOS.

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Compare Details

AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut) details

Categories Prompt, AI Code Assistant, AI Code Generator, AI Developer Tools
AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut) Website
Added Time June 03 2023
AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut) Pricing --

Vidix details

Categories Prompt, AI Productivity Tools, Writing Assistants, AI Content Generator
Vidix Website
Added Time April 19 2024
Vidix Pricing --

Comparison of usage

How to use AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut)?

To use AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut), simply navigate to the website and browse through the categorized functions. You can filter functions by label, search for keywords, and easily copy prompt words with just one click.

How to use Vidix?

To use Vidix, simply create prompts and assign them shortcodes. You can then activate the generated prompts in any application on your computer by entering the predefined key combination. Vidix offers Basic Mode for direct and simplified access, as well as Advanced Mode for customizing the use of external providers and specific AI models.

Compare Pros between AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut) and Vidix

Core features of AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut)

  • Categorizes ChatGPT functions for quick access
  • Label filtering for efficient workflow
  • Keyword search for easy discovery
  • One-click copy of prompt words

Core features of Vidix

  • Automate tasks using AI-driven prompts
  • Customizable shortcodes for real-time results
  • Spotlight feature for launching prompts on the fly

Compare Use Cases

Use cases for AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut)

  • Simplify workflow
  • Increase productivity
  • Efficient access to ChatGPT functions

Use cases for Vidix

  • Automating text processing tasks
  • Customizing content in real time

Different Plan between AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut) and Vidix

AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut)

Sorry, there are no data


Business Monthly


Unlock the full potential of your team with multiple licenses and generous token allocations.

Starter Monthly


Kickstart your journey with our affordable plan tailored for emerging talents.

Enterprise Monthly


Scale your operations effortlessly with a comprehensive plan designed for large organizations.

Owner Plan


For people who want to use their own API keys and customize their experience.

Compare Traffic/Monthly Visitors

AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut)'s traffic

AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut) is the one with 87.9K monthly visits and 00:02:04 Avg.visit duration. AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut) has a Page per visit of 3.00 and a bounce rate of 55.04%.

Visit Over Time

Monthly Visits 87.9K
Avg·visit Duration 00:02:04
Page per Visit 3.00
Bounce Rate 55.04%
Feb 2023 - Apr 2024 All traffic:

Vidix's traffic

Vidix is the one with 0 monthly visits and 00:00:00 Avg.visit duration. Vidix has a Page per visit of 0.00 and a bounce rate of 0.00%.

Visit Over Time

Monthly Visits 0
Avg·visit Duration 00:00:00
Page per Visit 0.00
Bounce Rate 0.00%
Jan 2024 - Apr 2024 All traffic:


The top 5 countries/regions for AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut) are:China 55.97%, United States 21.96%, Taiwan 6.20%, Hong Kong 5.28%, Singapore 2.55%

Top 5 Countries/regions

United States
Hong Kong


The top 3 countries/regions for Vidix are:Colombia 41.57%, United Kingdom 29.25%, Germany 29.18%

Top 3 Countries/regions

United Kingdom

Traffic Sources

The 6 main sources of traffic to AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut) are: Direct 80.22%, Referrals 15.91%, Search 3.63%, Mail 0.21%, Social 0.03%, Display Ads 0.00%

Display Ads
Feb 2023 - Apr 2024 Worldwide Desktop Only

Traffic Sources

The 6 main sources of traffic to Vidix are: Direct 58.76%, Social 41.24%, Mail 0.00%, Search 0.00%, Referrals 0.00%, Display Ads 0.00%

Display Ads
Jan 2024 - Apr 2024 Worldwide Desktop Only

Which is better: AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut) or Vidix?

AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut) might be a bit more popular than Vidix.As you can see, AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut) has 87.9K monthly visits, while Vidix has 0 monthly visits. So more people choose AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut). So the odds are that people will recommend AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut) more on social platforms.

AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut) has an Avg.visit duration of 00:02:04, while Vidix has an Avg.visit duration of 00:00:00. Also, AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut) has a page per visit of 3.00 and a Bounce Rate of 55.04%. Vidix has a page per visit of 0.00 and a Bounce Rate of 0.00%.

The main users of AiShort(ChatGPT Shortcut) are China, United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, with the following distribution: 55.97%, 21.96%, 6.20%, 5.28%, 2.55%.

The main users of Vidix are Colombia, United Kingdom, Germany, with the following distribution: 41.57%, 29.25%, 29.18%.

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