Discover Leanbe: Boost Your Customer Engagement and Product Development

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Discover Leanbe: Boost Your Customer Engagement and Product Development

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Lean B?
  3. Features of Lean B
    • 3.1 Customer Feedback Collection
    • 3.2 Data-Driven Product Roadmap
    • 3.3 Product Update Announcements
  4. Pricing Tiers
    • 4.1 License Tier 1
    • 4.2 License Tier 2
    • 4.3 License Tier 3
    • 4.4 License Tier 4
    • 4.5 License Tier 5
  5. Dashboard Overview
    • 5.1 Statistics Overview
    • 5.2 Project Section
    • 5.3 Widget Section
    • 5.4 Widget Configuration
    • 5.5 Change Log Section
    • 5.6 Feature Request Section
    • 5.7 Roadmap Section
    • 5.8 Objective Section
    • 5.9 Integrations Section
    • 5.10 Tracked Users Section
    • 5.11 Project Settings
    • 5.12 Profile and Account Settings
  6. Conclusion


Welcome to the review of Lean B, a customer feedback and product roadmap tool. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of Lean B, discuss its pricing tiers, and provide an overview of its dashboard. Lean B is an ideal solution for product management teams looking for an easy way to build user-oriented and data-driven products. Let's dive in and discover how Lean B can help streamline your product development process.

What is Lean B?

Lean B is a platform that enables product management teams to Collect user feedback, Create data-driven product roadmaps, and communicate product updates. With Lean B, You can easily Gather valuable insights from your users, prioritize feature requests, and Align your product roadmap with user expectations. The platform offers a range of powerful features designed to enhance collaboration and streamline the product development process.

Features of Lean B

3.1 Customer Feedback Collection

One of the key features of Lean B is its customer feedback collection capabilities. The platform provides a user-friendly interface for collecting and organizing feedback from your customers. You can create custom feedback categories, analyze feedback data, and prioritize feature requests Based on user input. The feedback analytics feature allows you to gain deeper insights into your users' needs and preferences.

3.2 Data-Driven Product Roadmap

Lean B offers a robust product roadmap tool that helps you make informed decisions based on data. You can create and manage multiple projects, set objectives, and track progress towards your goals. The roadmap section provides a visual representation of your product roadmap, making it easy to communicate your product strategy to stakeholders. You can also customize the roadmap according to your specific requirements and add multiple columns to track different stages of your product development process.

3.3 Product Update Announcements

With Lean B, you can efficiently communicate product updates to your users. The platform allows you to create change logs and feature request activities, keeping your users informed about the latest developments. You can customize the appearance of your notification widgets, choose from different types of widgets (such as sidebar or pop-up), and embed them on your Website to provide real-time updates to your users.

Pricing Tiers

Lean B offers different pricing tiers to cater to the needs of various teams and organizations. Let's take a look at the different license tiers and the features they offer.

4.1 License Tier 1

License Tier 1 is the basic tier of Lean B. It includes 3 projects, 5 team members, and custom branding. The features available in this tier are suitable for small-Scale projects or individual use.

4.2 License Tier 2

License Tier 2 offers an expanded capacity compared to Tier 1. It includes 5 projects, 10 team members, and additional features such as unlimited page views, notifications, and notification widgets. This tier is ideal for small to medium-sized product management teams.

4.3 License Tier 3

License Tier 3 provides even more resources for larger teams. It includes 10 projects, 20 team members, and advanced features like custom domain, custom redirection, and social sharing. This tier is suitable for medium to large-scale organizations with multiple product development teams.

4.4 License Tier 4

License Tier 4 offers extensive capabilities for enterprises and organizations with complex product development processes. It includes 40 projects, 50 team members, and additional features like feedback analytics, CRM integration, and request prioritizing mechanism.

4.5 License Tier 5

License Tier 5 is the highest tier of Lean B and provides unlimited projects and team members. This tier is perfect for organizations with large-scale product management teams and multiple product lines.

Dashboard Overview

The Lean B dashboard offers a comprehensive view of your projects, notifications, and feedback activities. Let's explore the key sections of the Lean B dashboard:

5.1 Statistics Overview

The dashboard provides an overview of your notifications and features statistics. You can track the performance of your notifications and analyze user engagement to make data-driven decisions.

5.2 Project Section

The project section allows you to view and create new projects. You can manage multiple projects and collaborate with team members efficiently.

5.3 Widget Section

In the widget section, you can create and customize notification widgets for your website. You can choose from different widget types, configure their appearance, and embed them on your website to provide real-time updates to your users.

5.4 Widget Configuration

The widget configuration section allows you to customize the content, appearance, and behavior of your notification widgets. You can select specific categories, define the widget's size and position, and personalize its colors and branding.

5.5 Change Log Section

The change log section enables you to create and manage change logs for your product updates. You can categorize change logs, format their content, and schedule their publication to keep your users informed about the latest developments.

5.6 Feature Request Section

With the feature request section, you can collect and prioritize feature requests from your users. You can review and approve feature requests, communicate with users through comments, and track the progress of each feature request.

5.7 Roadmap Section

The roadmap section provides a visual representation of your product roadmap. You can set objectives, add features, and track their progress across different columns. This allows you to effectively plan and communicate your product development timeline.

5.8 Objective Section

In the objective section, you can define and track your product development objectives. You can set goals, assign them to specific teams or individuals, and monitor their progress to ensure alignment with your overall product strategy.

5.9 Integrations Section

The integrations section allows you to connect Lean B with other tools and platforms. Currently, Lean B supports integrations with Trello and Jira Cloud, enabling seamless collaboration and data synchronization.

5.10 Tracked Users Section

The tracked users section provides insights into your user base. You can track users who have provided feedback, submitted feature requests, or engaged with your product roadmap. This information helps you better understand your user community and make informed decisions.

5.11 Project Settings

The project settings section allows you to customize your project's branding, logo, and display settings. You can upload your own logo, choose the colors that represent your brand, and configure the appearance and behavior of your widgets.

5.12 Profile and Account Settings

In your profile and account settings, you can update your personal information, change your email address and password, and manage your team members' access and permissions. You can also configure the affiliate program settings and track your referrals.


In conclusion, Lean B is a versatile customer feedback and product roadmap tool that helps product management teams build user-oriented and data-driven products. Its comprehensive set of features enables efficient feedback collection, streamlined product roadmap planning, and effective communication of product updates. With different pricing tiers tailored to different team sizes and requirements, Lean B offers a scalable solution for organizations of all sizes. By utilizing Lean B's powerful features, teams can enhance collaboration, prioritize feature development, and deliver products that meet user expectations. Consider giving Lean B a try to optimize your product development process and drive success.

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