AMD FX-8370 with Upgraded Wraith Cooler - A Closer Look at Performance and Design

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AMD FX-8370 with Upgraded Wraith Cooler - A Closer Look at Performance and Design

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Performance of the MDF X 8370 processor
  3. Upgraded cooler for the MDF X 8370 processor
  4. Announcement of new processors and coolers by ND company
  5. Availability of updated models for current platforms
  6. Specifications of the AMD FX 8370 processor
  7. Design and features of the updated cooler
  8. Overclocking the MDF X 8370 processor
  9. Comparison with Intel processors
  10. Conclusion


The anticipation for the release of the MDF X 8370 processor is high among many technology enthusiasts. While we wait for its launch, let's take a closer look at its performance and the upgraded cooler that comes with it. Recently, ND company announced a range of processors and coolers, including some updates to their existing lineup. Even though many are eagerly awaiting the 14nm solution with the ND SM microarchitecture, the AMD FX 8370 processor with the updated MDR cooler is making waves in the market.

Performance of the MDF X 8370 Processor

The AMD FX 8370 belongs to the high-performance lineup and boasts 8 computational cores capable of operating in an 8-thread mode. When running under a heavy workload with the MT Turbo Core 3.0 technology disabled, the processor's clock frequency reaches up to 4,000.13 MHz. The core voltage remains stable at 1.248 V during this performance state. With the Turbo Core 3.0 technology enabled, the processor's clock frequency mostly stays at around 4,100 MHz, varying between 3,700 and 4,300 MHz depending on the workload. The voltage ranges from 1,100 V to 1,416 V, depending on the load. The AMD FX 8370 also features a memory controller capable of supporting dual-Channel mode for DDR3 modules with an effective frequency of up to 1,800.66 MHz.

The updated MDR cooler enhances the overall performance of the AMD FX 8370 processor. The cooler's appearance and layout bear some resemblance to its predecessor, the boxed cooler for AMD3 processors. However, the decorative plastic cover now Sports a more pleasant design with black and orange tones. It showcases an improved cooling system with corresponding labels on the sides. Inside the box, most of the space is dedicated to the cooling system, with only a small compartment holding the processor, a sticker on the casing, and the user manual.

Upgraded Cooler for the MDF X 8370 Processor

The cooler included with the AMD FX 8370 has a similar structure to its predecessor, featuring a large rectangular base with four copper heat pipes and nickel-plated plates. The rigidity of the radiator is ensured by the high-quality solder used at the junction points between the pipes and plates. One side of the cooler's decorative panel bears the AMD logo, which is illuminated by white LEDs when powered on. The LED lights Blend seamlessly with the rest of the surface when the cooler is turned off.

To access the pre-installed 92mm fan, four screws need to be removed. The propeller is securely attached using four guides and corresponding clips on both sides. Previously, a 70mm fan was used, but the updated version comes with a DETA Electronics model based on roller bearings, ensuring long-lasting performance even under maximum loads. Furthermore, four anti-vibration pads are placed on each corner of the fan. Power is supplied to the fan via a 20cm cable with a 4-Pin connector.

During our testing, the AMD FX 8370 processor with the MDR cooler reached a speed of approximately 2,870 RPM under maximum load, keeping the core temperature at around 54 degrees Celsius. Similar temperature levels were observed when using the previous boxed cooler, which operated at an uncomfortable 5,000 RPM under half the load of the processor. The temperature of the integrated voltage regulator did not exceed 50.6 degrees Celsius, while the fan operated at a quiet speed of approximately 1,650 RPM.

However, it is worth noting that the MDF X 8370 cannot be significantly overclocked with this cooler as it experiences noticeable heating even under our tested overclocking configuration. The MDF X 8370 is a flagship model in the FX 8-core lineup and may appear more attractive to users due to its updated cooler, increased size, and improved cooling system. The processor has grown in size and is now available in black and orange shades, showcasing an enhanced cooling system with improved visuals.

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