Building an Affordable AMD Gaming PC: A Comprehensive Guide

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Building an Affordable AMD Gaming PC: A Comprehensive Guide

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to AMD Gaming PC Build (H2)
  2. Components Overview (H2)
    • CPU and Cooling (H3)
    • Motherboard Selection (H3)
    • Memory (RAM) (H3)
    • Graphics Card (GPU) (H3)
    • Storage Solutions (H3)
    • Case Selection (H3)
  3. Build Process (H2)
    • Assembly and Setup (H3)
    • Benchmarking Initial Performance (H3)
  4. Performance Analysis (H2)
    • Gaming Performance at 1080p (H3)
    • Future-Proofing Considerations (H3)
  5. Pros and Cons (H2)
  6. Conclusion (H2)
  7. FAQs (H2)

Introduction to AMD Gaming PC Build

In this article, we delve into the detailed assembly and performance evaluation of an AMD-based gaming PC. Built with a focus on affordability and robust gaming capabilities, this system aims to provide insights into the viability of AMD components in modern gaming setups.

Components Overview

CPU and Cooling

For processing power, the AMD FX 8370 CPU leads the charge, boasting compatibility with DirectX 12 and the AM3+ platform. Paired with the Wraith cooler, known for its efficient heat dissipation, it promises reliable performance even under heavy loads.

Motherboard Selection

The MSI 970 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard supports high-wattage processors, ideal for overclocking enthusiasts. Its RGB LEDs add a touch of customization, aligning perfectly with the build's red and black theme.

Memory (RAM)

Equipped with Corsair Vengeance DDR3 RAM totaling 8GB, expandable to enhance multitasking capabilities and overall system responsiveness, crucial for gaming and intensive applications.

Graphics Card (GPU)

The MSI Gaming X RX 480 8GB GPU stands as a formidable competitor to the GTX 1060, complementing the build's aesthetic with its red and black design. It promises smooth gameplay and robust graphics performance.

Storage Solutions

A 256GB Intel Pro 6000p SSD ensures rapid data access, ideal for OS and essential applications. Additional provisions for a 1TB HDD cater to expanding Game libraries without compromising on speed.

Case Selection

The Corsair 400C chassis provides a sleek enclosure, emphasizing both functionality and aesthetics. Its spacious interior facilitates easy cable management and efficient airflow, crucial for maintaining optimal component temperatures.

Build Process

Assembly and Setup

Detailed steps on assembling each component into the Corsair 400C case, ensuring proper installation and cable management to maximize airflow and aesthetics.

Benchmarking Initial Performance

Initial benchmarks showcase the system's capabilities, highlighting gaming performance at 1080p resolution across various titles and settings.

Performance Analysis

Gaming Performance at 1080p

In-depth analysis of frame rates and stability across popular gaming titles, emphasizing the build's suitability for current gaming standards.

Future-Proofing Considerations

Discussion on the system's upgrade potential and longevity, considering upcoming gaming technologies and hardware advancements.

Pros and Cons


  • Competitive gaming performance
  • Cost-effective AMD components
  • Aesthetic appeal with red and black theme


  • DDR3 RAM limitations
  • Potential future upgrade constraints


Summarizing the effectiveness of an all-AMD gaming PC build, highlighting its performance, aesthetics, and suitability for budget-conscious gamers seeking reliable gaming experiences.


Q: Why choose an AMD-based gaming PC over Intel?

A: AMD offers competitive performance at a lower cost, making it ideal for budget-oriented builds like this one.

Q: Can the AMD FX 8370 handle modern gaming titles?

A: Yes, with its DirectX 12 support and capable cooling, it performs admirably in most current games.

Q: What are the future upgrade options for this build?

A: Upgrading to DDR4 RAM and considering future GPU advancements would enhance longevity and performance.


This structured content provides comprehensive insights into the build process, component choices, performance evaluation, and future considerations, catering to both novice builders and enthusiasts alike.

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