From Engineering to Ice Dancing: The Incredible Journey of Michael Cass

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From Engineering to Ice Dancing: The Incredible Journey of Michael Cass

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Background of Michael Cass
  3. Michael's Hobbies and Interests
  4. From Juggling to Ballroom Dancing
  5. The Start of Ice Dancing
  6. The Journey to Blackpool Competition
  7. Michael's Journey in Engineering
  8. From Physics to Artificial Intelligence
  9. Memorable Moments at Schlumberger and Pixar
  10. The Creation of WALL-E
  11. Senior Distinguishing Engineer at NVIDIA
  12. The Art-Engineering Connection
  13. Breaking Boundaries between Art and Engineering
  14. Conclusion

The Artful Engineer: A Journey of Engineering, Dancing, and Creativity


🎯 The world of engineering sometimes intersects with unexpected realms, such as dance and art. In this article, we explore the fascinating journey of Michael Cass, a senior distinguished engineer at NVIDIA, who is not only a master in the field of engineering but also a world-class competitor in ballroom dancing, ice skating, and juggling. Join us as we delve into Michael's diverse interests, his achievements on the dance floor, and the blending of art and engineering in his career.

Background of Michael Cass:

🌟 Michael Cass is not your ordinary engineer. Beyond his extensive engineering knowledge, he possesses a unique set of talents and interests that set him apart. As a senior distinguished engineer at NVIDIA, Michael has made significant contributions to the technological advancements in the field. However, his journey of exploration and creativity extends far beyond the world of engineering.

Michael's Hobbies and Interests:

🎭 When Michael isn't immersed in the world of engineering, he dedicates himself to his various hobbies. One of his earliest passions was juggling, which he discovered by chance while reading an article in the New York Times. Intrigued by the idea that anyone could learn to juggle, he picked up a few crab apples from his backyard and embarked on a journey of endless practice. This hobby eventually led him to the International Juggling Association and even the U.S. Championship.

From Juggling to Ballroom Dancing:

💃 The spark for ballroom dancing ignited in Michael's childhood when his mother introduced him to ice skating. Attending the National Championship with his mother, he witnessed the joy and thrill of the sport and felt an irresistible pull to give it a try. With determination, he began taking skating lessons and eventually stumbled upon a world-class coach. Little did he know that his ice dancing journey would open the doors to the world of ballroom dancing.

The Start of Ice Dancing:

⛸️ Ice dancing was, in many ways, an extension of Michael's passion for skating. However, it presented a unique set of challenges, especially for adults. Finding a partner and navigating the ice dance world proved to be a significant hurdle. After years of searching, Michael made the decision to expand his horizons and venture into the world of ballroom dance.

The Journey to Blackpool Competition:

🌟 Blackpool is a well-known ballroom dancing competition in England, and it became a pinnacle moment in Michael's dance journey. Competing in Blackpool is a dream for many dancers, and Michael had the opportunity to turn this dream into reality. Despite facing fierce competition, Michael showcased his talent and dedication, earning a remarkable third-place finish alongside his instructor.

Michael's Journey in Engineering:

🔧 While Michael's dance achievements are awe-inspiring, his engineering career is equally remarkable. Michael began his academic journey with a focus on physics at Princeton but quickly realized that the field's easy problems had long been solved. A fortuitous encounter with friends interested in artificial intelligence led him down a new path, and he discovered a passion for computer vision and image processing. This passion propelled him to pursue further studies at MIT.

From Physics to Artificial Intelligence:

🧠 Michael's transition from physics to artificial intelligence marked a turning point in his career. His passion for computer vision sparked his interest in researching the boundaries between computer vision and graphics. By integrating the two fields, he aimed to push the limits of image manipulation and simulation. His work caught the attention of notable companies, leading him to undertake groundbreaking projects at Apple, Pixar, Intel, and eventually NVIDIA.

Memorable Moments at Schlumberger and Pixar:

🎥 During his tenure at Pixar, Michael had the privilege of working on projects that blurred the lines between art and engineering. Collaborating with Disney Imagineering, he contributed to the development of cutting-edge robots, including the iconic character WALL-E. The process involved designing the robot from scratch, as well as creating the intricate software that brought it to life. This experience showcased the power of collaboration between artists and engineers.

The Creation of WALL-E:

🤖 WALL-E, the lovable robot, became a global sensation, and Michael played a significant role in its creation. Over a span of just six months, Michael and his team designed and built the mechanical structure of WALL-E, programming it to perform live in front of audiences. This remarkable feat demonstrated the Fusion of artistry and engineering, proving that creativity knows no bounds.

Senior Distinguishing Engineer at NVIDIA:

🚀 In his current role at NVIDIA, Michael serves as the overall software architect for Omniverse, a groundbreaking platform for collaboration in virtual worlds. Utilizing the universal scene description (USD) framework pioneered by Pixar, Omniverse allows various digital content creation tools to seamlessly interact and modify a shared virtual world. This platform revolutionizes the way artists, designers, and engineers collaborate, providing a dynamic and immersive experience.

The Art-Engineering Connection:

🎨 The interplay between art and engineering has been a recurring theme throughout Michael's career. His experiences at Pixar and Disney Imagineering emphasized the symbiotic relationship between these two seemingly distinct realms. By collaborating with artists and understanding their creative needs, engineers can push the boundaries of technology and enable remarkable progress.

Breaking Boundaries between Art and Engineering:

⚔️ Michael firmly believes that boundaries between art and engineering should be porous, rather than rigidly defined. Companies that embrace this mindset foster innovation and create groundbreaking products and experiences. The synergy between art and engineering drives major advancements and provides opportunities for transformative breakthroughs, much like the great minds of the past, like Leonardo da Vinci, who effortlessly crossed technological and artistic boundaries.


🌟 Michael Cass's incredible journey highlights the magic that can happen when engineering and artistic creativity intertwine. From his early days of juggling to becoming an accomplished ballroom dancer and distinguished engineer, Michael embodies the spirit of exploration and pushing boundaries. His story serves as an inspiration for future generations to explore and embrace the enchanting possibilities that lie at the intersection of art and engineering.


  • A senior distinguished engineer at NVIDIA who is also a world-class ballroom dancer and ice skater
  • Michael's journey from juggling to ballroom dancing and ice dancing
  • The remarkable third-place finish at the prestigious Blackpool competition
  • Transitioning from physics to artificial intelligence and computer vision
  • Memorable moments at Schlumberger and Pixar, including the creation of WALL-E
  • Michael's current role as the software architect for Omniverse at NVIDIA
  • The synergy between art and engineering and the breaking of boundaries


Q: What are Michael Cass's hobbies and interests? A: Michael's hobbies include juggling, ballroom dancing, ice skating, and photography.

Q: How did Michael Cass start his journey in ballroom dancing? A: Michael's interest in ballroom dancing sparked when he accompanied his mother to an ice skating event and fell in love with the sport.

Q: What is Michael's current role at NVIDIA? A: Michael serves as the overall software architect for Omniverse, a collaborative platform for virtual worlds.

Q: How did Michael contribute to the creation of WALL-E? A: Michael played a key role in designing and building the mechanical structure of WALL-E, as well as developing the software that brought the beloved robot to life.

Q: Why is the connection between art and engineering important? A: The connection allows for collaboration and innovation, pushing the boundaries of both fields and enabling remarkable progress.


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