Ultimate GPU Performance Test for Allen Wake 2 | FSR, DLSS, Ray Tracing & More!

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Ultimate GPU Performance Test for Allen Wake 2 | FSR, DLSS, Ray Tracing & More!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Performance Test Setup
  3. testing Criteria
  4. Performance Benchmarks 4.1 RX 6750 XT 4.2 RTX 3060 4.3 RX 7800 XT 4.4 RTX 4070 TI 4.5 Intel Arc A770
  5. Comparison of System Requirements
  6. Pros and Cons of Different GPUs
  7. The Impact of Frame Generation
  8. The Effectiveness of Upscaling Technologies
  9. Rate Tracing Performance
  10. Conclusion

Article: Comparing GPU Performance in Allen Wake 2 PC

As the highly anticipated Game Allen Wake 2 hits the market, PC gamers are eager to know how their graphics card will handle the game's demanding visuals. In this article, we will dive deep into the performance tests of various GPUs to help you understand how each card performs in different scenarios. Whether you have the latest high-end card or a more budget-friendly option, we have you covered. So let's buckle up and explore the world of GPU performance in Allen Wake 2.


Allen Wake 2 is known for its stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, but it can also put a strain on your PC's hardware. To get a better understanding of how different GPUs handle the game, we conducted thorough performance tests using a variety of cards, ranging from entry-level to top-tier models. Our aim was to provide you with valuable insights into which GPUs can deliver smooth gameplay without sacrificing visual fidelity.

Performance Test Setup

Before diving into the benchmarks, let's first take a look at the setup we used for our performance tests. We selected a range of GPUs from different manufacturers, including AMD and Nvidia, to ensure a comprehensive analysis of their performance in Allen Wake 2. Each GPU was paired with a high-end processor and ample RAM to eliminate any potential bottlenecks in the system.

Testing Criteria

In our performance tests, we focused on three key criteria: FPS (frames per Second), image quality, and overall smoothness. We tested each GPU at various resolutions and settings to provide a comprehensive view of their performance capabilities. Our goal was to evaluate how well each card could maintain a consistent frame rate and deliver a visually pleasing experience.

Performance Benchmarks

Now, let's dive into the performance benchmarks and see how different GPUs fared in Allen Wake 2. We will explore each GPU individually, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses in terms of frame rates and image quality.

RX 6750 XT

  • Performance at different resolutions and settings
  • Pros and cons of the GPU in Allen Wake 2

RTX 3060

  • Evaluation of frame generation and upscaling technologies
  • Comparison with other GPUs in its price range

RX 7800 XT

  • Testing the recommended card for 4K gaming in Allen Wake 2
  • Analysis of DLSS performance

RTX 4070 TI

  • Pros and cons of top-tier Nvidia GPUs in the game
  • Impact of ray tracing on performance

Intel Arc A770

  • Performance of Intel's latest GPUs in Allen Wake 2
  • Comparison with AMD and Nvidia counterparts

Comparison of System Requirements

In this section, we will compare the system requirements provided by the developers with the actual performance of the tested GPUs. We will analyze whether the recommended specifications hold true and evaluate if certain GPUs perform better or worse than anticipated. This analysis will help you make an informed decision when choosing a graphics card for Allen Wake 2.

Pros and Cons of Different GPUs

Not all GPUs are created equal, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. In this section, we will provide an overview of the pros and cons of the tested GPUs in Allen Wake 2. Whether you prioritize raw performance or value for money, understanding the nuances of each GPU will help you make the right choice for your gaming needs.

The Impact of Frame Generation

Frame generation is an important feature that can significantly impact the performance of a GPU. In this section, we will explore how different GPUs handle frame generation in Allen Wake 2. We will analyze its effectiveness in maintaining a smooth frame rate and reducing screen tearing, providing you with valuable insights into its importance for a seamless gaming experience.

The Effectiveness of Upscaling Technologies

Upscaling technologies like FSR and DLSS are becoming increasingly popular, allowing gamers to achieve higher resolutions without sacrificing performance. In this section, we will evaluate the effectiveness of these technologies in Allen Wake 2. We will compare image quality and frame rates at different resolutions, helping you determine if upscaling is a viable option for your gaming setup.

Rate Tracing Performance

Ray tracing is a cutting-edge technology that enhances the visual realism of games. In this section, we will assess how different GPUs handle ray tracing in Allen Wake 2. We will compare performance and image quality with and without ray tracing enabled, helping you decide if this feature is worth the performance hit.


In conclusion, Allen Wake 2 is a visually stunning game that demands a powerful GPU to deliver an optimal gaming experience. Through our comprehensive performance tests, we have provided valuable insights into the performance capabilities of various GPUs in Allen Wake 2. Whether you're a budget-conscious gamer or a performance enthusiast, our analysis will help you choose the right GPU to tackle the game's demanding visuals. So gear up, dive into the world of Allen Wake 2, and enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

(Optional conclusion highlighting overall best-performing GPUs and standout features)

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