Unboxing and Review of Intel i5-4670K: A Must-Have for Gamers

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Unboxing and Review of Intel i5-4670K: A Must-Have for Gamers

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Unboxing the Intel i5-4670K
  3. The Specifications of the Intel i5-4670K
  4. The Performance of the Intel i5-4670K
  5. Overclocking the Intel i5-4670K
  6. A Comparison with the i7-4770K
  7. Is the Intel i5-4670K the Best Value for Gamers?
  8. Conclusion
  9. Resources


In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the Intel i5-4670K processor. We will start with an unboxing of the product, examining what comes with the retail version and the packaging itself. Then, we will delve into the specifications of the i5-4670K, exploring its features and capabilities. Next, we will discuss its performance, including benchmarks and real-world tests. After that, we will explore overclocking possibilities with the i5-4670K and how it compares to the i7-4770K. We will also analyze whether the i5-4670K is the best value for gamers. Finally, we will conclude our findings and provide additional resources for further exploration.

Unboxing the Intel i5-4670K

When unboxing the Intel i5-4670K, it is clear that Intel has taken care in packaging their product securely. The retail version comes with a factory seal, ensuring that the product has not been tampered with. Inside the box, you'll find the processor itself, along with the standard Intel heatsink, which, unfortunately, is not known for its performance. Additionally, a small manual and a decal featuring the Intel logo are included. While the packaging may not seem significant to some, it does provide reassurance that the product is brand new and untouched.

The Specifications of the Intel i5-4670K

The Intel i5-4670K is equipped with some impressive specifications that make it an attractive option for many users. It features the Intel HD Graphics 4600, which provides decent integrated graphics capabilities. However, gamers may be more concerned with the fact that this chip allows for better overclocking than its predecessors. The i5-4670K also boasts six megabytes of cache, contributing to its overall performance and responsiveness. With the CPU socket being LGA 1150, it is important to note that it may require a compatible motherboard for installation.

The Performance of the Intel i5-4670K

When it comes to performance, the Intel i5-4670K does not disappoint. In various benchmarks and real-world tests, it showcases its capabilities and efficiency. Whether you're running demanding applications, multitasking, or gaming, this processor proves to be more than capable of handling the workload. With its four cores and a base clock speed of 3.4 GHz, it provides a smooth and reliable computing experience. The Intel HD Graphics 4600 also delivers satisfactory visuals for less intensive gaming and multimedia purposes.

Overclocking the Intel i5-4670K

One of the highlights of the Intel i5-4670K is its overclocking potential. With the chip being soldered to the Ti M, users can achieve better overclocks compared to previous generations. Overclocking allows users to push the processor beyond its base clock speed, providing even more performance when needed. However, it is important to note that proper cooling and a compatible motherboard are essential for successful and stable overclocking.

A Comparison with the i7-4770K

In terms of value, the Intel i5-4670K stands out when compared to its higher-end counterpart, the i7-4770K. While the i7-4770K offers Hyper-threading and an additional two megabytes of cache, it also comes with a higher price tag. For gamers, the i5-4670K presents a compelling option, as hyper-threading may not significantly improve gaming performance. With the i5-4670K being more affordable and still providing excellent performance, it becomes the processor of choice for many budget-conscious gamers.

Is the Intel i5-4670K the Best Value for Gamers?

Considering the features, specifications, and performance of the Intel i5-4670K, it is safe to say that it represents an excellent value for gamers. Its overclocking capabilities, combined with its solid base performance, make it suitable for both casual and hardcore gamers alike. While it may lack the hyper-threading of its higher-end counterparts, it still delivers a great gaming experience without breaking the bank. In terms of price-to-performance ratio, the i5-4670K emerges as a top choice for gamers.


In conclusion, the Intel i5-4670K proves itself to be a reliable and powerful processor for gamers. Its unboxing experience, specifications, overclocking potential, and price point make it a popular choice in the gaming community. With its impressive performance and value-for-money, the i5-4670K continues to be an excellent option for those looking to build their gaming rigs without compromising on power and affordability.



  • Unboxing and exploring the Intel i5-4670K retail version
  • Analyzing the specifications and features of the i5-4670K
  • testing the performance of the i5-4670K through benchmarks and real-world usage
  • Examining the overclocking potential of the i5-4670K and its benefits
  • Comparing the i5-4670K with the higher-end i7-4770K
  • Determining whether the i5-4670K is the best value for gamers


Q: Can the Intel i5-4670K handle demanding applications and multitasking? A: Yes, the i5-4670K is more than capable of handling demanding applications and multitasking thanks to its four cores and 3.4 GHz base clock speed.

Q: Does the i5-4670K come with integrated graphics? A: Yes, the i5-4670K features the Intel HD Graphics 4600, which provides satisfactory integrated graphics capabilities.

Q: How does the i5-4670K compare to the i7-4770K in terms of price and performance? A: The i5-4670K offers similar performance to the i7-4770K at a more affordable price, making it a better value for gamers.

Q: Can the i5-4670K be overclocked? A: Yes, the i5-4670K can be overclocked to achieve even better performance. Proper cooling and a compatible motherboard are required for successful overclocking.

Q: Is the i5-4670K suitable for gaming? A: Yes, the i5-4670K is a popular choice among gamers due to its strong gaming performance and overall value.

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