Unleash the Power of the Incredible Office Beast: Gaming Performance Tested!

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Unleash the Power of the Incredible Office Beast: Gaming Performance Tested!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Incredible Office Beast: An Overview
    1. The Processor: Intel P7505
    2. The Graphics: Integrated XJ4
    3. The Memory: DDR4 and SSD
  3. Unleashing the Beast: testing Performance
    1. Gaming Performance: GTA V
      • Pros: Engaging and popular Game
      • Cons: Limited performance
    2. Gaming Performance: Minecraft
      • Pros: Ability to play with low-end settings
      • Cons: Low frame rates in certain instances
    3. Gaming Performance: Cyberpunk 2019
      • Pros: Decent performance with reduced settings
      • Cons: Poor frame rates in open spaces
    4. Gaming Performance: APEX Legends
      • Pros: Stable performance at lower settings
      • Cons: Limited control and occasional lag
    5. Gaming Performance: League of Legends
      • Pros: Smooth performance at maximum settings
      • Cons: None observed
    6. Gaming Performance: Rocket League
      • Pros: Seamless gameplay with high settings
      • Cons: Minor frame rate drops
  4. Conclusion
  5. Resources

The Incredible Office Beast: Unleashing the Power

In today's fast-paced world, having a powerful office computer is essential for efficient work and productivity. Meet the incredible office beast, a killer in the world of text processing and document handling. Powered by a dual-core Intel P7505 processor, this beast is equipped to handle massive workloads without breaking a sweat. Let's delve into the capabilities of this extraordinary office monster and explore its potential.

The Processor: Intel P7505

At the heart of this incredible office beast lies the Intel P7505 processor. With a dual-core design, this processor offers impressive multitasking capabilities, allowing you to breeze through tasks with ease. While it may not have reached its advertised clock speed, the Intel P7505 still performs exceptionally well when it comes to handling text-based tasks and processing documents.

The Graphics: Integrated XJ4

The office beast comes equipped with an integrated XJ4 graphics card, providing ample power for handling video files and multimedia content. While not designed for graphics-intensive tasks, the XJ4 can handle a substantial amount of browser tabs and effortlessly manage your extensive collection of bookmarks. Paired with DDR4 memory, this primitive beast of an office computer delivers impressive speed when opening and managing photos, thanks to its built-in video capabilities.

The Memory: DDR4 and SSD

To complement its processing and graphics power, the incredible office beast features DDR4 memory and a modest SSD storage drive. This combination ensures lightning-fast performance when opening files and applications, allowing you to swiftly navigate through your work tasks. While the SSD capacity may be minimal, it still provides ample space for basic office needs. However, if you are working with large multimedia files or require extensive storage, you may need to consider external storage options.

Unleashing the Beast: Testing Performance

Curiosity piques as we begin to explore the gaming capabilities of this office monster. Starting with everyone's favorite open-world game, GTA V, let's see if this computer can handle the demands of modern gaming.

Gaming Performance: GTA V

Pros: GTA V is an engaging and popular game that can provide hours of entertainment.

Cons: Unfortunately, the incredible office beast falls short when it comes to handling this demanding game. While it can run at an average of 30-40 frames per Second (FPS) at a resolution of 900p, it struggles to maintain a stable frame rate and experiences drops as low as 20 FPS. This is primarily due to the resource-intensive nature of the game and the strain it puts on the Recording software. However, with slightly lower settings, the gameplay becomes more manageable, and you can still enjoy roaming the city streets.

Gaming Performance: Minecraft

Pros: Minecraft's simplicity allows for smooth gameplay even on low-end systems.

Cons: The incredible office beast showcases its prowess in this popular sandbox game. With the ability to punch a pig with bare hands, Collect its meat, and use it to punch another pig, this primitive beast can handle the demands of Minecraft effortlessly. At a resolution of 1080p and a render distance of six chunks, the game maintains a steady frame rate of 40-60 FPS. However, when loading new chunks, the frame rate can occasionally drop, causing slight freezes. Despite these minor setbacks, the game remains playable and enjoyable.

Gaming Performance: Cyberpunk 2019

Pros: Cyberpunk 2019 is a visually stunning game that challenges even high-end systems.

Cons: The incredible office beast attempts to tackle the dystopian world of Cyberpunk 2019. With settings turned to their lowest, at a resolution of 720p, the game manages to run at a steady 30 FPS. However, when loading new areas, the frame rate plummets and the game experiences significant lag. Playing at such low settings, the game loses much of its visual appeal, making it less immersive. This test reveals the limitations of the office beast, ultimately making it unsuitable for resource-intensive modern games.

Gaming Performance: Apex Legends

Pros: Apex Legends is a popular battle royale game that demands reliable performance.

Cons: The incredible office beast sets out to conquer the Apex Games, but its performance falls short. Despite playing at lower settings, the office beast struggles to maintain a stable frame rate, often dropping below 60 FPS. This results in occasional lag and limited control responsiveness. While the game remains playable, the suboptimal experience makes it difficult to compete on an even playing field.

Gaming Performance: League of Legends

Pros: League of Legends is a highly competitive multiplayer game with low system requirements.

Cons: The incredible office beast proves its worth in the popular game of League of Legends. Running the game at maximum settings and a resolution of 1080p, the office beast delivers a smooth performance with a consistent frame rate of 60 FPS. It handles the fast-paced action without any issues, ensuring an enjoyable gaming experience with no observable drawbacks.

Gaming Performance: Rocket League

Pros: Rocket League combines soccer and racing, providing a fun and exhilarating gaming experience.

Cons: The incredible office beast effortlessly takes on the challenge of Rocket League. Running the game at high settings and a resolution of 1080p, the office beast showcases seamless gameplay with frame rates ranging from 40-60 FPS. This performance allows for enjoyable matches without any major frame rate drops or freezes.


In conclusion, the incredible office beast, with its dual-core Intel P7505 processor, integrated XJ4 graphics, and DDR4 memory, proves to be a capable computer for various office tasks. While it may struggle with resource-intensive modern games, it excels in handling less demanding games and applications. However, if gaming is a priority, it is advisable to consider a computer with a dedicated graphics card and higher specifications. Nevertheless, the incredible office beast provides an impressive performance within its limitations, making it a suitable choice for day-to-day office work.


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