Unleash Your Power with the MinisForum X500 Mini PC!

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Unleash Your Power with the MinisForum X500 Mini PC!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Specification of the Mini PC (X500 Model)
  3. Unboxing and Contents
  4. Ports and Connectivity
  5. Internal Structure and Expandability
  6. BIOS and Advanced Settings
  7. Performance Benchmarking
  8. Gaming Performance
  9. Thermal Management
  10. Linux Support
  11. Pricing and Value
  12. Pros and Cons
  13. Conclusion

🖥️ Specification of the Mini PC (X500 Model)

The Mini PC from Minis Forum, specifically the X500 model, is equipped with an impressive Ryzen 7 5700G APU from AMD. This APU boasts a potent performance and is backed by 16 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM. It also features a 512 gigabyte MVMe drive and runs on Windows 10 Pro. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of this Mini PC, including its unboxing, ports, internal structure, performance benchmarking, and more. So, let's dive right in!

📦 Unboxing and Contents

When you open the box of the X500 Mini PC, you will find several essential components neatly arranged inside. These include a VESA mounting bracket, an HDMI cable, a power cable, a power supply (220 watts), and an optional Dust filter. Additionally, there is a user guide that provides instructions for installing and expanding the storage of the Mini PC.

🔌 Ports and Connectivity

The back of the X500 Mini PC houses all the useful ports that you would expect from a device of its kind. These include a power input, an HDMI 2.0 port (supporting 4k 120Hz), a DisplayPort 2.2, two gigabit LAN ports, and four USB 3.0 Gen2 ports. There is also a Kensington lock slot, which comes in handy if you intend to use the Mini PC as a point of sale machine. On the side, you will find a micro SD card reader, a line-in port, a microphone-in port, and a headphone-out port. The front of the Mini PC features a combo 3.5 port (mic in and headphone out), a reset button, and a power button.

🏢 Internal Structure and Expandability

To gain access to the internal components of the X500 Mini PC, you will need to remove the four screws located on the underside. Upon doing so, you will discover that the Mini PC offers expandability options. There is a 2.5-inch bay and an additional SATA 3 bay, allowing for the installation of a 2260 drive. The Mini PC also features a 2280 MVMe slot and a replaceable wireless card. Overall, the internal structure is well-designed and allows for easy upgrades and modifications.

⚙️ BIOS and Advanced Settings

The X500 Mini PC provides extensive control over various settings through its BIOS. Users have access to every single setting under the "Advanced" section, including RAM configuration. Notably, there is an option to specify the graphics configuration, allowing for the dedicated allocation of more RAM to the powerful Vega graphics integrated within the APU. While overclocking is not officially supported through Ryzen Master, it might be possible to tweak settings to achieve some level of GPU overclocking through the BIOS.

⚖️ Performance Benchmarking

The X500 Mini PC delivers outstanding performance across various tasks and applications. It handles video playback, including HEVC and VP9, with ease, and handles spreadsheets and documents efficiently. In Geekbench 5, the Mini PC achieves a score of almost 8,000 points, showcasing its powerful processing capabilities. The drive speeds, provided by the Kingston MVMe drive, meet expectations but fall short of faster options available on the market. Overall, the performance benchmarking results are impressive, especially considering the compact size of the Mini PC.

🎮 Gaming Performance

Despite being equipped with integrated Vega 8 graphics, the X500 Mini PC exhibits excellent gaming performance. In Cyberpunk 2077 at low settings and 720p resolution, it achieves an average frame rate in the mid-30s. Similarly, GTA 5 performs well on normal settings at 1080p, reaching an average frame rate of around 40. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, even at 1080p, runs smoothly with an average frame rate of 160. The Mini PC's gaming capabilities, coupled with smooth gameplay and reasonable frame rates, make it a viable option for casual gaming.

🌡️ Thermal Management

The X500 Mini PC impresses with its solid thermal management, with temperatures never exceeding 85 degrees Celsius after an hour of stress testing. The fan noise is minimal and remains constant, providing a pleasant user experience. The excellent thermals, coupled with minimal fan noise, ensure the Mini PC functions optimally without any thermal throttling issues.

🐧 Linux Support

While the X500 Mini PC supports Linux, there may be some challenges regarding the Intel AX 200 Wi-Fi card. During the review, the Wi-Fi card did not function correctly, though the LAN ports worked flawlessly. Users may encounter difficulties with the Wi-Fi driver on certain Linux distros, and it might require some troubleshooting and driver installation to enable Wi-Fi functionality. However, overall Linux support should be satisfactory for those willing to invest the time and effort.

💲 Pricing and Value

The X500 Mini PC is currently available for pre-order at a price of $850 for the 16-gigabyte RAM configuration with a 512-gigabyte MVMe drive. While the price tag may seem steep compared to building a similar system from scratch, the compact size, ease of installation, and impressive performance make it a worthwhile investment for users seeking a portable and powerful Mini PC solution.

✅ Pros and Cons


  • Powerful Ryzen 7 5700G APU
  • Expandable storage options
  • Excellent performance in various tasks and applications
  • Compact size and ease of installation
  • Solid thermal management and minimal fan noise


  • Inability to overclock through Ryzen Master
  • Limitation on storage options (lack of high-speed PCIe 4.0 support)
  • Wi-Fi driver compatibility issues with Linux

🔚 Conclusion

The X500 Mini PC from Minis Forum offers a powerful computing experience in a compact and portable form factor. With its Ryzen 7 5700G APU, dedicated Vega 8 graphics, and expandable storage options, it caters to both productivity and casual gaming needs. While there may be a few limitations, such as the inability to overclock through Ryzen Master and potential compatibility issues with Linux Wi-Fi drivers, the X500 Mini PC remains a solid choice for users seeking an efficient and versatile Mini PC solution.


  • The X500 Mini PC features a powerful Ryzen 7 5700G APU, delivering exceptional performance in various tasks and applications.
  • Its compact size and expandable storage options make it a convenient and versatile choice for users seeking a portable computing solution.
  • The Mini PC exhibits solid thermal management, ensuring optimal performance without any thermal throttling issues.
  • With integrated Vega 8 graphics, the X500 Mini PC provides decent gaming performance, enabling smooth gameplay in various titles.
  • While Linux support is available, users may encounter challenges with Wi-Fi driver compatibility on certain distros.


Q: Can I overclock the GPU in the X500 Mini PC?

A: Official overclocking through Ryzen Master is not supported. However, some GPU overclocking may be possible by tweaking settings in the BIOS.

Q: Can I install additional storage in the X500 Mini PC?

A: Yes, the X500 Mini PC offers expandable storage options, including a 2.5-inch bay and an additional SATA 3 bay.

Q: Does the X500 Mini PC support Wi-Fi on Linux?

A: While Linux support is available, users may encounter issues with Wi-Fi driver compatibility, necessitating troubleshooting and driver installation.

Q: What is the price of the X500 Mini PC?

A: The X500 Mini PC is available for pre-order at a price of $850 for the 16-gigabyte RAM configuration with a 512-gigabyte MVMe drive.

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