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1 Post costs 2 credits, 1 link insert costs 1 credit.
Buy 1 credits (Contains 1 link insert)
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TIP: If you purchase over 10 credits (not including 10), you will enjoy 5% OFF.

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Need to know:

1. 1 credit only get 1 link insert, 2 credits get 1 post or 2 link insert.

2. If you need to get a post, please buy 2 credits at least!

3. If you need to purchase multiple articles and link inserts, you can choose to purchase more credits. You can contact us for a refund for unused credits. 1 credit = $100.

4. If you need to purchase more credits, you can choose to customize the credit value. 1 credit = $100. If the credit exceeds $1,000, you will automatically enjoy a 5% discount on the payment interface.

5. The credits that have been used and listed will be deducted and will not be restored or refunded. If the submitted post is rejected, the used credits will be automatically returned to your credit balance.

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