What is HoverJobs?

HoverJobs is an automated job application service powered by GPT technology. It simplifies the job search process by applying to selected companies on behalf of the user in phases.

Added on June 03 2023

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HoverJobs : Reviews, Pricing, Core features, Use cases, alternatives
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How to install?

How to use HoverJobs?

1. Upload your CV: Start by uploading your CV to the HoverJobs platform.2. Choose Your Package: Select the package that best suits your job search needs.3. Fill out the Application Form: Fill out the intuitive application form to provide necessary information.4. Relax and Let Us Do the Work: Sit back and relax while our automated system builds your CV and applies to selected companies.5. Get Ready for Interviews: Receive notifications every step of the way and prepare for interviews.

HoverJobs's Core Features

1. Automation with Security: Ensure the application process is automated and secure.2. Flexibility & Scalability: Choose from different packages to meet your budget and career aspirations.3. Better Collaboration: Benefit from the expertise of HoverJobs' team and get guidance throughout your job search.

HoverJobs's Use Cases

#1 1. Job Seekers: HoverJobs is ideal for job seekers who want to save time and effort by automating the application process.2. Busy Professionals: Professionals who struggle to find time to apply for jobs can rely on HoverJobs to handle job applications.3. International Job Seekers: HoverJobs helps international job seekers navigate the job market in their desired location.

HoverJobs's Plan

Accelerator Plan

₹1,999 per month

Perfect for those serious about their job search. Valid for 3 months.

Elite Plan

Contact for pricing

Includes all benefits of the Accelerator Plan plus job search consultation and guidance from industry experts.

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FAQ from HoverJobs

What is HoverJobs?
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