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Data Driven Merchandising - Transforming apparel & footwear shopping through data
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Apr 03 2024
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Secret Sauce Partners Inc. Product Information

What is Secret Sauce Partners Inc.?

Data Driven Merchandising - Transforming apparel & footwear shopping through data

How to use Secret Sauce Partners Inc.?

Integrate our Data Driven Merchandising (DDM) Platform once and unlock countless opportunities.

Secret Sauce Partners Inc.'s Core Features

Fit Predictor: AI-generated fit data finds a shopper's best fitting size in seconds.

Style Finder: Computer vision for shopping – fun, engaging, and richer than text & tag based search and browse.

Outfit Maker: Delights shoppers with hyper-personalized outfit curation and recommendations at scale.

Secret Sauce Partners Inc.'s Use Cases


Increase shopper loyalty and conversion.


Engage shoppers with interactive and personalized shopping experiences.


Drive incremental revenue and decrease costs for retailers.

FAQ from Secret Sauce Partners Inc.

What is the Data Driven Merchandising (DDM) Platform?

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