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Create 3D videos and meshes from a single image with SV3D.
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Stable Video 3D Product Information

What is Stable Video 3D?

SV3D is a generative model that creates 3D videos and meshes from a single image, using Stable Video Diffusion technology.

How to use Stable Video 3D?

Input a single image to generate multi-angled views and detailed 3D meshes with ease using SV3D.

Stable Video 3D's Core Features

Multi-View Synthesis

Model Variants: SV3D_u and SV3D_p

Commercial and Non-Commercial Use

Stable Video 3D's Use Cases


3D model generation from single images


Orbital video creation without camera conditioning


3D video creation along specific camera paths

FAQ from Stable Video 3D

What is Stable Video 3D (SV3D)?

How does SV3D work?

What are the variants of SV3D?

Can I use SV3D for commercial purposes?

Is there any training required to use SV3D?

What kind of images can SV3D process?

How does SV3D compare to traditional 3D modeling methods?

Is SV3D better than other generative models?

Can SV3D be used for educational purposes?

What are the system requirements to use SV3D?

How accurate are the 3D models generated by SV3D?

Are there any ethical considerations when using SV3D?

Where can I find more information and tutorials about SV3D?

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Stable Video 3D: Create 3D videos and meshes from a single image with SV3D.
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