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Pay-As-You-Go audio-to-text transcription service
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Nov 18 2023
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Transcriptmate Product Information

What is Transcriptmate?

Pay-As-You-Go audio-to-text transcription service

How to use Transcriptmate?

Fill out the form, make payment, and wait for your transcription

Transcriptmate's Core Features

Automatic transcription with high accuracy

Transcription of recordings up to 3 hours long

Transcription files in formats: csv, srt, txt, doc

Optional diarization feature to label different speakers

Transcription summary option

Content crafted by AI option

Transcriptmate's Use Cases


Podcasters: Increase visibility, create written content, and reference key segments


Youtubers: Boost visibility, create subtitles, and summarize videos


Journalists: Quick searching, accurate quotes, and textual summaries


Transcribers, course creators, government officials, students, researchers, lawyers, doctors, businessmen, filmmakers and producers, marketing agencies, historians and archivists, detectives, and anyone else working with audio content

FAQ from Transcriptmate

What file formats are supported for transcription?

How long does it take to receive the transcription?

Is there a privacy policy in place?

What payment methods are accepted?

Is there a refund policy?

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Transcriptmate Pricing


Bulk number of files

Speaker diarization. Speech to text API

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