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AI-powered voice memo app with fluid voice-to-text transcription.
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Nov 02 2023
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Fluid Voice Product Information

What is Fluid Voice?

Fluid Voice is an AI-powered voice memo app that allows you to easily transcribe your spoken words into text. With the help of artificial intelligence, Fluid Voice listens to your voice memo and converts it into written form.

How to use Fluid Voice?

To use Fluid Voice, simply download the app on your smartphone, open it, and start recording your voice memo. The app will then automatically transcribe your spoken words into text. You can save, edit, and share your transcriptions with ease.

Fluid Voice's Core Features

Fluid voice-to-text transcription

AI-powered memo enhancement

Auto todo list generation

Continuous AI feature updates

Fluid Voice's Use Cases


Taking notes during meetings


Creating to-do lists


Dictating ideas and memos


Improving productivity and organization

FAQ from Fluid Voice

Can Fluid Voice work offline?

Can I edit the transcriptions generated by Fluid Voice?

Is there a limit to the length of the voice memo I can record?

Is there a limit to the number of transcriptions I can save?

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Fluid Voice: AI-powered voice memo app with fluid voice-to-text transcription.
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