What is AudioNinja?

AudioNinja is an AI-powered platform providing innovative tools for precise audio analysis and processing. It allows users to remove vocals from songs, separate individual elements, and find the key and BPM of any song. It is perfect for podcasters, musicians, and researchers, and offers unparalleled precision and accuracy with its advanced technology.

Added on June 01 2023

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How to install?

How to use AudioNinja?

To remove vocals from a song, simply upload it on AudioNinja and enjoy its instrumental and acapella versions. For isolating individual elements or finding the key and BPM of a song, use the corresponding tools on the platform.

AudioNinja's Core Features

Vocal Remover: Easily separate vocals from any song to create instrumentals, remixes, and karaoke tracks.
NinjaUnmix: Utilize AI-driven stem separator to effectively isolate individual elements like drums, bass, and more.
Bpm & key finder: Effortlessly find the key and BPM of any song with our AI-powered tool.

AudioNinja's Use Cases

#1 Creating instrumentals and remixes
#2 Producing karaoke tracks
#3 Isolating individual elements in a song
#4 Finding the key and BPM of a song

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FAQ from AudioNinja

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