Codex Atlas

What is Codex Atlas?

Codex Atlas is a tool that automatically creates high-quality documentation for your code in just a few minutes. It connects to your GitHub repository, detects the language and framework used, and generates a tailored documentation that stays up to date whenever you push new code.

Added on July 30 2023

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How to install?

How to use Codex Atlas?

To use Codex Atlas, simply connect it to your GitHub repository and it will automatically generate documentation for your projects. It works out of the box for all major frameworks and languages. Setting up a project takes less than 5 minutes. You can switch between light and dark modes with a single click, and utilize the smart search feature to quickly find what you need.

Codex Atlas's Core Features

Automatically detects language and framework
Generates beautiful tailored documentation
Updates automatically with new code pushes
Light and dark mode options
Smart search feature for quick navigation

Codex Atlas's Use Cases

#1 Software companies looking to simplify documentation creation and maintenance
#2 Developers seeking an effortless way to keep code documentation up to date
#3 Teams working on multiple projects requiring efficient documentation management

Codex Atlas's Plan



Get unlimited project access for a year



Get access for one project for a year

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FAQ from Codex Atlas

What programming languages and frameworks are supported by Codex Atlas?
How does Codex Atlas keep my documentation up to date?
Can I switch between light and dark modes in Codex Atlas?
How quickly can I find what I'm looking for in Codex Atlas?