What is Portals.co?

Portals.co is an AI-powered customer feedback platform that enables businesses to extract deeper levels of customer feedback information using AI-generated follow-up questions and feedback analysis. It offers a widget that can be easily integrated into a website via a single line of code.

Added on May 15 2023

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How to install?

How to use Portals.co?

To use Portals.co, simply integrate their widget into your website by adding the provided code. The AI-powered feedback pathways will automatically engage with customers, asking follow-up questions based on their feedback. This allows businesses to collect more valuable insights than previously possible. The platform provides comprehensive documentation and video guides to help users learn how to effectively use the Portals.co platform.

Portals.co's Core Features

AI-powered feedback pathways
AI-generated follow-up questions
Feedback analysis
Customer feedback widgets
Interactive demo
Comprehensive documentation
Video guides

Portals.co's Use Cases

#1 Gather detailed customer feedback
#2 Identify and address issues experienced by customers
#3 Improve customer satisfaction and retention
#4 Enhance product and service offerings based on customer insights

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Portals.co Pricing


$20 per month

FAQ from Portals.co

What is Portals.co?
How do I use Portals.co?
What are the core features of Portals.co?
What can I use Portals.co for?
Is there a free trial available?
Can I use Portals.co for free?
Where can I find documentation and video guides for using Portals.co?

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