Usable Names

What is Usable Names? is a website that uses AI algorithms to find the perfect domain name. It helps users generate domain name suggestions based on their specific requirements and preferences.

Added on May 27 2023

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Usable Names

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How to install?

How to use Usable Names?

To use, simply enter your desired keywords, product/company/organization name (optional), and language preference. Select the acceptable top-level domain names and specify the maximum character length for the domain name. You can also allow dashes, prefixes, Web 2.0 suffixes, and word suffixes. Once you provide all the necessary inputs, the AI system will generate a list of available domain name suggestions for you to choose from.

Usable Names's Core Features

AI-based domain name generation
Customizable search options
Supports multiple top-level domain names
Flexible character length and naming preferences
User-friendly interface

Usable Names's Use Cases

Individuals searching for a personal domain name
Entrepreneurs seeking a catchy domain for their startup
Companies and organizations looking to rebrand or find a new domain
Web developers and designers assisting clients in domain name selection

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FAQ from Usable Names

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