What is Vigilocity?

Vigilocity is a cybersecurity platform that utilizes AI/ML technologies to track, monitor, and disrupt threat actors. It provides proactive defense against cyber threats, particularly in the areas of phishing prevention, ransomware prevention, brand and reputation protection, and cognitive systems.

Added on May 29 2023

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How to install?

How to use Vigilocity?

To use Vigilocity, users can leverage its Mythic Platform, which is built on AI/ML training data. This platform enables users to search for and identify fraudulent domain registrations associated with well-known brands. Once identified, Vigilocity facilitates rapid domain takedown to mitigate further damage and disrupt threat actors.

Vigilocity's Core Features

Offensive Impact Platform (Mythic)
Threat actor infrastructure detection and disruption
Instant notification of fraudulent domain registrations
Rapid domain takedown

Vigilocity's Use Cases

#1 Cyber insurance
#2 Mergers and acquisitions
#3 Phishing prevention
#4 Ransomware prevention
#5 Brand and reputation protection

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FAQ from Vigilocity

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