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Automate your Tinder swipes with AI
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May 14 2024
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Wizard of Swipe Product Information

What is Wizard of Swipe?

Automate your Tinder swipes with AI

How to use Wizard of Swipe?

Simply download the Wizard's extension and let it swipe for you

Wizard of Swipe's Core Features

AI-powered matching

Selection based on preferences

Wizard of Swipe's Use Cases


Effortless Tinder swiping

FAQ from Wizard of Swipe

How does Wizard of Swipe work?

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Wizard of Swipe Pricing

1 year subscription


Get 1 year of automated swiping on Tinder.

For the latest pricing, please visit this link: https://buy.stripe.com/eVaeX52MNftteHe7su

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