MonArt VS ProJourney AI

Compare MonArt VS ProJourney AI, what is the difference between MonArt and ProJourney AI?

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MonArt summarize

AI service for generating artwork in styles of renowned master artists, printing, and delivering to your doorstep anywhere in the world.

MonArt Landing Page

ProJourney AI summarize

Midjourney is great, I've used it a lot in the past months. The problem is that you have to go use it publicly on Discord. So, everyone can see and download the images you've generated. ProJourney solves that problem.

ProJourney AI Landing Page

Compare Details

MonArt details

Categories AI Art Generator
MonArt Website
Added Time October 22 2023
MonArt Pricing --

ProJourney AI details

Categories AI Photo & Image Generator, Text to Image, AI Illustration Generator, AI Background Generator, Photo & Image Editor, AI Photo Enhancer, Image to Image, AI Art Generator, AI Design Generator, Large Language Models (LLMs), AI Graphic Design, Prompt
ProJourney AI Website
Added Time May 21 2024
ProJourney AI Pricing --

Comparison of usage

How to use MonArt?

To use MonArt, simply upload a photo or select an image from our gallery, choose the desired artist's style, and our AI algorithms will recreate the artwork in that particular style. Once you are satisfied with the preview, you can place an order and our team will print and deliver the artwork to your chosen address.

How to use ProJourney AI?

To use ProJourney, simply visit the website and start creating high-quality images by providing text prompts or uploading existing images to train the AI model.

Compare Pros between MonArt and ProJourney AI

Core features of MonArt

  • AI-generated artwork in the style of renowned master artists
  • Print and delivery services worldwide

Core features of ProJourney AI

  • Text-to-image generation
  • Image upload for AI training
  • Zoom out feature for contextualizing images

Compare Use Cases

Use cases for MonArt

  • Decorate your home or office with unique artwork
  • Gift personalized art to your loved ones
  • Create custom designs for merchandise

Use cases for ProJourney AI

  • Generate high-quality images from text prompts
  • Train AI model using uploaded images
  • Contextualize images in a larger setting
Compare Traffic/Monthly Visitors

MonArt's traffic

MonArt is the one with 0 monthly visits and 00:00:00 Avg.visit duration. MonArt has a Page per visit of 0.00 and a bounce rate of 0.00%.

Visit Over Time

Monthly Visits 0
Avg·visit Duration 00:00:00
Page per Visit 0.00
Bounce Rate 0.00%
Jul 2023 - May 2024 All traffic:

ProJourney AI's traffic

ProJourney AI is the one with 7.1K monthly visits and 00:02:06 Avg.visit duration. ProJourney AI has a Page per visit of 4.29 and a bounce rate of 4.06%.

Visit Over Time

Monthly Visits 7.1K
Avg·visit Duration 00:02:06
Page per Visit 4.29
Bounce Rate 4.06%
Feb 2024 - May 2024 All traffic:


The top 1 countries/regions for MonArt are:Italy 100.00%

Top 1 Countries/regions



The top 5 countries/regions for ProJourney AI are:China 24.59%, United States 17.86%, Germany 15.41%, Switzerland 10.11%, Malta 8.55%

Top 5 Countries/regions

United States

Traffic Sources

The 6 main sources of traffic to MonArt are: Referrals 100.00%, Mail 0.00%, Direct 0.00%, Search 0.00%, Social 0.00%, Display Ads 0.00%

Display Ads
Jul 2023 - May 2024 Worldwide Desktop Only

Traffic Sources

The 6 main sources of traffic to ProJourney AI are: Referrals 56.84%, Direct 31.21%, Social 11.95%, Mail 0.00%, Search 0.00%, Display Ads 0.00%

Display Ads
Feb 2024 - May 2024 Worldwide Desktop Only

Which is better: MonArt or ProJourney AI?

ProJourney AI might be a bit more popular than MonArt.As you can see, MonArt has 0 monthly visits, while ProJourney AI has 7.1K monthly visits. So more people choose ProJourney AI. So the odds are that people will recommend ProJourney AI more on social platforms.

MonArt has an Avg.visit duration of 00:00:00, while ProJourney AI has an Avg.visit duration of 00:02:06. Also, MonArt has a page per visit of 0.00 and a Bounce Rate of 0.00%. ProJourney AI has a page per visit of 4.29 and a Bounce Rate of 4.06%.

The main users of MonArt are Italy, with the following distribution: 100.00%.

The main users of ProJourney AI are China, United States, Germany, Switzerland, Malta, with the following distribution: 24.59%, 17.86%, 15.41%, 10.11%, 8.55%.

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