What is DenoLyrics?

DenoLyrics is a web application built with an AI model that supports 143 languages, providing audio transcription, captions, text summarization, and multiple language translation. It uses the large-scale model Whisper for real-time speech recognition.

Added on May 26 2023

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DenoLyrics : Reviews, Pricing, Core features, Use cases, alternatives
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How to install?

How to use DenoLyrics?

1. Sign in with your favorite provider. 2. Create a folder to upload your audio files. 3. Select and upload audio files in mp3 format. 4. The server processes the audio to generate the text. 5. Share folders with friends by providing their email addresses. You can also explore additional features such as audio transcription, captions, text summarization, and multiple language translation.

DenoLyrics's Core Features

Audio transcription
Text summarization
Multiple language translation

DenoLyrics's Use Cases

#1 DenoLyrics can be used for various purposes, including: - Converting audio to text with AI in 143 languages. - Creating captions for videos and podcasts. - Summarizing text content. - Translating text in multiple languages.

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FAQ from DenoLyrics

What is DenoLyrics?
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