Sidekick AI

What is Sidekick AI?

SideKick AI is a Chrome extension that enhances productivity by allowing users to call chatGPT from any text field on the internet. It serves as a reliable and helpful assistant.

Added on May 30 2023

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How to install?

How to use Sidekick AI?

To use SideKick AI, install the Chrome extension, plug in your OpenAI API key, and you're ready to go! In any text field, simply type '$sidekick' followed by your text and press the ALT key to trigger SideKick AI. For example, you can type '$sidekick tweet about positive energy' and then press the ALT key. Additionally, you can use the '$rescue' command by typing it and pressing enter.

Sidekick AI's Core Features

Call chatGPT from any text field on the internet
Customizable sidekick
Improves efficiency and productivity
Provides guidance for creative solutions

Sidekick AI's Use Cases

#1 Getting ideas and guidance for various tasks
#2 Enhancing creativity
#3 Increasing productivity and efficiency
#4 Finding solutions to problems

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FAQ from Sidekick AI

What can I use SideKick AI for?
How do I trigger Sidekick AI?
Can I customize SideKick AI?
What are the core features of SideKick AI?
What are the use cases of SideKick AI?

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