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Access world's best AI assistants through WhatsApp with
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May 26 2023
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What is is a platform that provides access to the world's best AI assistants through WhatsApp. It offers various modes, including chat, artist, translator, and scribe, allowing users to leverage the power of AI in their everyday lives. Users can interact with AI using voice or text, and enjoy features such as AI-generated art, language translation, task management, voice transcription, and text summarization.

How to use

To use, simply connect it to your WhatsApp account. No additional software or apps are required. Once connected, choose your preferred mode: chat, artist, translator, or scribe. You can then interact with the AI assistants by sending voice messages, texts, or commands. Emojis can be used to quickly perform tasks like translation or summarization. With, you can unlock AI's power in enhancing productivity, boosting creativity, and expanding knowledge.'s Core Features

Access to world's best AI assistants, including ChatGPT, Bard (Google), and Claude (Anthropic)

AI-powered chat mode for task management, language translation, and topic exploration

Artist mode for generating unique AI-generated art using text, voice, or referencing existing images

Translator mode to learn new languages and discover places with AI-driven learning

Scribe mode for voice message transcription and text summarization

Seamless integration with WhatsApp for hassle-free AI assistance's Use Cases


Enhance productivity by managing tasks, transcribing voice messages, and summarizing texts within WhatsApp chats


Unleash creativity by generating bespoke AI art and styling creations using various presets


Expand knowledge by learning new languages, exploring topics, and discovering places with AI-driven learning


Save time and effort by utilizing AI assistants directly within WhatsApp for everyday tasks and interactions

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Dark Access world's best AI assistants through WhatsApp with
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