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Glass is an AI-assisted diagnosis and clinical decision-making platform.
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Mar 07 2023
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Glass Product Information

What is Glass?

Glass is an AI-assisted diagnosis and clinical decision-making platform.

How to use Glass?

To use Glass, simply log in to the website and enter the relevant patient information. The platform uses AI algorithms to analyze the data and provide recommendations for diagnosis and clinical decisions.

Glass's Core Features

Glass offers the following core features: - AI-assisted diagnosis - Clinical decision support - Analysis of patient data - Recommendations for diagnosis and treatment - Integration with electronic medical record systems

Glass's Use Cases


Glass can be used in various scenarios, including primary care settings, hospital-based care, and telemedicine. It can assist healthcare professionals in making accurate and timely diagnoses, improving patient outcomes.

FAQ from Glass

How reliable is the AI-assisted diagnosis provided by Glass?

Is the patient data submitted to Glass secure?

Can Glass integrate with existing electronic medical record systems?

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