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Achieve your goals with your personal AI coach in WhatsApp
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January 02 2024
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Habit Hero Product Information

What is Habit Hero?

Achieve your goals with your personal AI coach in WhatsApp

How to use Habit Hero?

Sign up, fill out your goal, and stay on track with personalized guidance and periodic messages from Geoffrey, your personal coach via WhatsApp.

Habit Hero's Core Features

Personalized guidance in achieving your goals

Periodic messages from Geoffrey

24/7 coaching

Dynamic goal and activity adjustment

Track 1 goal and activity at a time

Most languages supported

Customer centric: we create with you, for you

Habit Hero's Use Cases


Stay accountable towards your goals, habits, and dreams


Get unstuck and define the best actions to move forward


Stay on track to achieve your goals with the help of Geoffrey, your personal coach

FAQ from Habit Hero

How to get the most out of Habit Hero?

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