What is Swimm?

Swimm is an AI-powered code documentation tool that integrates seamlessly with your IDE. It generates interactive document structures based on your code's context, making it easier to create comprehensive code documentation.

Added on July 13 2023

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How to install?

How to use Swimm?

To use Swimm, install the IDE plugin for your preferred integrated development environment (IDE). Once installed, Swimm AI will be able to analyze your code and suggest document structures. You can also use the /generate command to add code explanations to your docs effortlessly. Swimm AI can set up doc visibility rules based on use cases and can even generate documentation from a pull request (PR).

Swimm's Core Features

Interactive document creation experience
Automatic code explanations
Doc visibility rules
Documentation generation from PR
Secure and encrypted data storage

Swimm's Use Cases

#1 Creating comprehensive code documentation
#2 Enhancing understanding and collaboration
#3 Preventing recurring mistakes
#4 Making documentation a natural part of team workflow

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FAQ from Swimm

How does Swimm AI work?
Is my data secure with Swimm?
What IDE integrations does Swimm offer?
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