New ChatGPT-40: Mastering GeoGuessr With Impressive Accuracy

New ChatGPT-40: Mastering GeoGuessr With Impressive Accuracy

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of Chat GPT-40 Model
  3. testing Chat GPT-40 with Geoguesser
  4. Analyzing the Image for Geoguesser Clues
    • Geoguesser Metas and Clues
    • Landscape and Vegetation
    • Road Conditions and Infrastructure
    • Sky and Weather Observations
    • Google Car and Blurred Object
    • Narrowing Down the Location
  5. Game Results and Analysis
    • Accuracy in Guessing Countries
    • Pros and Cons of Chat GPT-40 in Geoguesser
  6. Conclusion
  7. FAQ [at the end of the article]

Testing Chat GPT-40 with Geoguesser

Have you ever wondered if an AI model can compete in a game like Geoguesser? Well, I recently had the opportunity to test the new chat GPT-40 model and was pleasantly surprised by its performance. In this article, I will share my experience and insights on how well Chat GPT-40 integrates vision capabilities for Geoguesser and discuss the pros and cons of using this AI model in the game.

First Game Experience

With the new chat GPT-40 model at my disposal, I decided to give Geoguesser a try. I was curious to see how well the model could identify locations based on images. I started with a random image of a rainbow world map and was amazed by the accuracy of Chat GPT-40's guesses. It correctly identified the US, the Netherlands, South Korea, and even suggested Hokkaido for Japan, although it got the road slightly wrong. Encouraged by this success, I decided to play another game to see if it was just a fluke.

Second Game Experience

In my second game, I provided Chat GPT-40 with an image that hinted at Mongolia due to the car's appearance. Once again, the model impressed me with its ability to analyze the image and generate accurate guesses. It recognized the barren and rocky landscape, the presence of snow patches, and the unpaved and narrow road, all typical of remote areas. Based on these clues, it suggested the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, specifically near the town of Dörgöö, which is known for its regular trains. I cross-checked the suggestion with Google Maps and found that it was indeed in the correct region of Mongolia. Although not pinpoint accurate, it was still an impressive performance.

Analyzing the Image for Geoguesser Clues

To better understand how Chat GPT-40 performed in Geoguesser, let's delve into the image analysis process and the clues it considered while making guesses. The model took into account various aspects, including geoguesser metas, landscape, road conditions, sky and weather, and even the presence of the Google car.

Geoguesser Metas and Clues

I informed Chat GPT-40 that we were playing Geoguesser and suggested it could use landscape, vegetation, and observation clues. These clues helped the model make sense of the image and generate accurate guesses.

Landscape and Vegetation

The model recognized the landscape as barren and rocky with sparse grass and snow patches, indicating a cold environment. It also observed high-altitude terrain or a northern location with harsh conditions. The presence of unpaved and narrow roads suggested a sparsely populated region. These observations aligned with the characteristics of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia.

Road Conditions and Infrastructure

By analyzing the road markings and infrastructure, the model could infer the level of development in the area. In this case, it recognized the absence of distinct road signs but noted the clear white lane markings with a dashed center line. This indicated a highway or major road in a rural area. The road conditions and infrastructure resembled parts of Australia, particularly South Australia or Victoria.

Sky and Weather Observations

Even the sky and weather played a role in Chat GPT-40's analysis. The overcast sky and presence of snow patches hinted at cold weather conditions. This insight helped the model make accurate location suggestions.

Google Car and Blurred Object

The model even took note of the Google car and the blurred object in the image. It recognized the blurred object as part of the Google car, which is often covered to protect it from harsh conditions in remote and extreme environments.

Narrowing Down the Location

Based on the collective clues, the model narrowed down the location to the GOI Desert in Mongolia, near the town of Dörgöö. This level of accuracy showcases the impressive capabilities of Chat GPT-40 in identifying locations within the game.

Stay tuned for the rest of the article!

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