Best 28 Quotes Tools in 2024

QuotesMaker, Song Quote Generator, InspiroBot,, Inspiro, QuoteTube, mymind, FaithQuotes, Pastors.AI, PikPoet are the best paid / free Quotes tools.

Create inspiring quotes effortlessly
Generate inspiring quotes from songs with the Song Quote Generator tool for free.
AI generating inspirational quotes.
AI chatbot answering life and dharma questions.
Inspiro is a website for generating inspirational quotes using AI.
Transcribe, summarize, and share quotes from YouTube videos.
Save and organize your precious notes, images, quotes, and highlights with mymind's secure AI-powered platform.
Find answers in the Bible.
Create custom chatbot from church service videos to provide resources, summaries, and discussion questions.
Bridges the gap between your photos and perfect captions.
GPT Book Club offers personalized book insights and resources for avid readers.
Booknotes is an AI-powered platform that generates easy-to-read summaries of favorite books.
PrayerPath helps deepen faith with biblical quotes, community, and prayer activities.
Reflectr AI Journal & Notebook is an AI-powered platform that helps users declutter their mind through journaling and note-taking.
Discover hidden meanings in images with ImgInsight, offering a variety of genres for every mood and style.
Enable developers to effortlessly integrate AI and ML capabilities into mobile app development.
AI-powered daily news digest with visual summaries.
Instantly find any document, message, or file with Needl's intelligent search bar.
Taggy generates engaging captions and quotes to enhance social media visibility and user engagement.
WritePanda automates podcast production tasks, saving time for podcasters.
AI-powered platform for product selection, quoting, & submittals
Work faster with AI prompts, content generation, and productivity tools.
An AI-powered Q&A service for the EU AI Act.
Empowering pastors with AI to streamline sermon preparation.
Wurkzen is a comprehensive AI platform that assists businesses with various management tasks.
Mindset is a self-care app that provides authentic audio collections from favorite figures.
AI-powered hub for content creation & optimization.
3.0K users
Customizable new tab extension with iOS widgets and integrated ChatGPT.

What is Quotes?

In the context of AI and NLP, 'quotes' refer to verbatim textual content taken from various sources, such as articles, books, or speech transcripts. Identifying and extracting quotes is an essential task in many AI applications, including sentiment analysis, information retrieval, and text summarization.

What is the top 10 AI tools for Quotes?

Core Features
How to use


Save and organize notes, images, quotes, and highlights in one place
AI-driven organization of content without the need for manual categorization
Search functionality by color, keyword, brand, date, etc.
Read entire articles without distractions
Create Smart Spaces for automatic sorting of saved items

To use mymind, simply save anything you want to remember with a click. The AI technology takes care of organizing and categorizing your content for you. You can search for your saved items using color, keyword, brand, date, or any other detail that comes to mind. mymind also allows you to read entire articles without distractions and create Smart Spaces that automatically sort your saved items based on your preferences.


Generate unique inspirational quotes

Click on the 'Generate' button to generate a unique inspirational quote.


Product Finder
Submittals + O&M's

Empower your organization with Parspec's AI-powered platform. Bid more jobs, increase revenue, and improve profitability in today's dynamic market.

Mindset | Daily Self-Care App

Celebrity Mindsets: Listen to personal stories and life lessons from favorite artists and prominent figures
Daily Check-In: Engage in a quick 5-minute self-care routine
Daily Reflections: Share and read stories that evoke powerful emotions
Expert-Led Advice: Access expert guidance and tools for mental wellness
Daily Quotes: Start each day with inspiring quotes
Discord Community: Connect with like-minded individuals from around the world

To use Mindset, download the 'Mindset by DIVE Studios' app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device. Sign up for an account and choose a subscription plan if desired. Browse through the curated audio collections, including celebrity mindsets, daily reflections, expert-led advice, and daily quotes. Engage with the community through the Discord Community feature. Utilize the app's daily check-in feature for a quick self-care routine. Share your experiences and feelings with others and be inspired by their stories.


Sermon Assistant
Sermon Editor
Template Library
AI Assistant
Sermon Illustrations
Impactful Quotes
Preaching Mode

Pastors can harness the power of simultaneous research and writing with the side-by-side AI research and writing assistants. They can also use the template library for customizable and streamlined message creation. SermonAI also offers preaching mode for seamless sermon delivery and recording.


Booknotes provides the following core features: 1. Book Summaries: Generates easy-to-read book summaries. 2. Key Ideas: Identifies and presents the main concepts and ideas from the book. 3. Quotes: Extracts noteworthy quotes and passages for reference. 4. Actionable Items: Provides actionable insights and recommendations based on the book's content.

Using Booknotes is simple. Just visit the website and input the title or author of the book you want to summarize. Booknotes utilizes the power of ChatGPT to process the book materials and generate concise summaries, key ideas, quotes, and actionable items. You can then read and explore these outputs to gain a comprehensive understanding of the book's contents in a fraction of the time it would take to read it in its entirety.


Create a custom chatbot from a YouTube video of your church service
Access resources such as sermon summaries, quotes, devotionals, and discussion questions
Time-stamped links for diving deeper into the sermon
Ability to upload sermon manuscripts or provide an RSS feed
Different pricing plans for volunteers, church staff, and pastors

Church Volunteer $0/month 5 questions per month. Sermon summaries. Quotes for social media. Discussion guides. Devotionals. Transcripts
Church Staff $20/month 50 questions per month. Custom chatbot trained on entire YouTube channel. Chat widget for website. Customized pre-populated questions. Email support
Pastor $100/month 500 questions per month. 5 licenses for church staff and volunteers. Custom chatbot trained on church website data. Weekly report on user questions/answers. Zoom calls for support

To use Pastors.AI, simply enter the URL of a YouTube video of your church service. The platform will then generate a custom chatbot based on that video. You can ask the chatbot questions about the sermon or request various resources related to it.

Reflectr AI Journal & Notebook

Freely and privately express thoughts
AI-based writing styles
AI-generated tags, comments, mood indicators, and emojis
Daily affirmations, motivational quotes, and writing tips
AI-generated daily and weekly recaps
AI-generated mood indicators
Auto-generated frequent topics

1. Visit the Reflectr AI Journal & Notebook website. 2. Download the iOS or Android app. 3. Sign up or log in to create an account. 4. Start journaling by writing anything on your mind freely and privately. 5. Utilize AI-based writing styles to tidy up or simplify your posts. 6. Receive instant feedback on your posts through AI-generated tags, comments, mood indicators, and emojis. 7. Get inspired with daily affirmations, motivational quotes, and writing tips. 8. Stay on track with AI-generated daily and weekly recaps based on your posts. 9. Review your daily mood trends using AI-generated mood indicators. 10. Easily access and review your auto-generated frequent topics to gain insights.

Hotseat AI

Simply visit and post your question about the EU AI Act. The answers are generated by AI based on the entire text of the proposed EU AI Act and the amendments proposed on June 14, 2023.


AI-built website creation
Online booking and appointment management
Quotes and invoices creation and management
AI-powered customer relationship management (CRM)
Project and task management
Business email management
Cloud storage for important files
Virtual PCs for employees
Online marketing tools

To use Wurkzen, simply sign up and follow the onboarding process. You can build your business website using AI in just a few minutes, set up online booking for appointments, create and send quotes and invoices, manage customer relationships, streamline projects and tasks, and perform various other business operations. Wurkzen offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and utilize its features.

Newest Quotes AI Websites

Create inspiring quotes effortlessly
AI generating inspirational quotes.
Bridges the gap between your photos and perfect captions.

Quotes Core Features

Identification of quoted content within a larger text

Attribution of quotes to their respective sources or speakers

Contextual analysis of quotes to understand their significance

What is Quotes can do?

Journalism: Extracting quotes from interviews or press releases for accurate reporting

Market research: Identifying customer opinions and feedback through quote analysis

Legal industry: Extracting relevant quotes from case law and legal documents

Academic research: Identifying and attributing quotes in scholarly articles and publications

Quotes Review

Users have praised quote extraction tools for their ability to quickly highlight important statements and opinions within long texts. However, some have noted that the accuracy of attribution can vary depending on the complexity of the input data and the specific techniques used. Overall, quote extraction is considered a valuable addition to many AI and NLP applications.

Who is suitable to use Quotes?

A news aggregator app highlights relevant quotes from articles to provide users with quick insights

A social media monitoring tool identifies and attributes quotes to specific users or influencers

An e-reader application emphasizes important quotes to help users focus on key passages

How does Quotes work?

To use quote extraction in an AI system, follow these steps: 1. Preprocess the input text by tokenizing and splitting it into sentences. 2. Identify potential quotes using regular expressions or machine learning models trained on quote patterns. 3. Attribute quotes to their sources using named entity recognition or speaker identification techniques. 4. Analyze the context surrounding the quotes to determine their relevance and sentiment.

Advantages of Quotes

Enables accurate attribution of statements to their original sources

Facilitates the identification of key insights and opinions within a text

Enhances sentiment analysis by focusing on specific, relevant quotes

Improves text summarization by including important verbatim statements

FAQ about Quotes

What is quote extraction in AI?
Why is quote extraction important in AI applications?
What are some techniques used for quote extraction?
How does quote extraction improve sentiment analysis?
In what industries is quote extraction commonly used?
Can quote extraction be used for speaker attribution in transcripts?