Best 16 parafrasear Tools in 2024

Ezcopy, Kindle Paraphraser, WordfixerBot, Quillbot, LanguageTool, AISEO, SOM AI - Skripsian Santai dibantu AI, Spin Rewriter, Just Rewrite, Paraphraser are the best paid / free parafrasear tools.

Generate short copy effortlessly with Ezcopy, the AI-powered microcopy text generator.
18 users
Enhance Kindle reading with Chat GPT.
A free online tool for paraphrasing text and documents accurately and quickly.
An online tool for rewriting text.
LanguageTool is a free grammar checker and paraphraser for multiple languages.
10.0K users
AI-powered copywriting assistance tool
AI-based research assistant for stress-free thesis writing.
Spin Rewriter is a popular article rewriter that uses AI technology for generating unique and high-quality content, helping SEO specialists rank higher on search engines.
Online tool that rewrites and paraphrases content to create unique, plagiarism-free text.
Write clear, concise, and plagiarism-free text with Paraphraser.
Translation system with step-by-step explanations
Customized AI essay writer for academic tasks.
The Best AI Essay Writing Assistant
Wraith Docs is an AI assistant for Google Docs, providing AI tools for faster and more effective document writing and editing.
Jenni AI enhances writing by overcoming writer's block and providing tools for faster, efficient writing.
AI-powered Summari delivers useful text summaries to audience without reading lengthy articles.

What is parafrasear?

Paraphrasing is the process of expressing the same meaning of a text or passage using different words and sentence structures. A paraphraser is an AI tool or model that automatically rephrases input text while preserving its original meaning. Paraphrasers leverage natural language processing techniques to understand and rephrase text, making it a valuable tool for content creation, text summarization, and avoiding plagiarism.

What is the top 10 AI tools for parafrasear?

Core Features
How to use


Text rewriting

To use Quillbot, you can start for free by either writing or pasting your text into the provided box. After that, simply click on the 'Paraphrase' button.


LanguageTool offers the following core features: 1. Grammar Checker: It checks your text for grammar mistakes and helps you find the right tone. 2. Style Checker: It provides suggestions for improving writing style, such as avoiding overused phrases and redundant words. 3. Spell Checker: It detects and corrects spelling mistakes in your text. 4. Punctuation Checker: It helps you fix punctuation errors, including missing commas and incorrect usage of dashes and hyphens. 5. Casing Checker: It corrects incorrect casing, such as capitalized names and national identities. 6. Paraphraser: It uses artificial intelligence to rephrase sentences and make them more formal, fluent, simple, or concise.

To use LanguageTool, simply visit the website or install the browser add-on for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, or Opera. Once installed, LanguageTool will automatically detect the language you are using and provide suggestions for grammar and style improvements. You can also integrate LanguageTool with your favorite office programs such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, and OpenOffice.

Supercharge Your Writing with Jenni AI

AI Autocomplete to overcome writer's block
In-text citations in APA, MLA, IEEE, or Harvard style
Paraphrasing and rewriting text in any tone
Content generation from research papers
AI chat assistant for understanding and summarizing research papers
Outline builder for easy creation of section headings
Custom styles and tones for different writing needs
Research library for saving and managing research
AI assistant to provide suggestions and expand notes

To use Jenni AI, simply sign up for free on the website. Once logged in, start writing your research paper or essay. Jenni AI will be there to provide suggestions, expand your notes, and help you overcome writer's block. It can also assist with generating content from your files and creating section headings with the outline builder. Jenni AI is designed to make the writing process easier and more productive.

Paraphrasing Tool
Text Summarizer
Thesis Generator
Human Writers
Topics Generator
Plagiarism Checking
Order Custom Essay

Experience the easiest AI-based essay writing tool designed to generate and structure essays seamlessly, for free! Simply provide a straightforward brief and receive a perfect essay within moments.

SOM AI - Skripsian Santai dibantu AI

Brainstorming judul penelitian
Parafrase paragraf
Mempermudah penjelasan yang rumit
Curhat tentang skripsi

1 Rp15.000

Lo tinggal daftar pakai email atau akun Google, trus langsung chat sama SOM AI deh. Lo bisa chat gratis 5 kali loh.

Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter stands out with its advanced features. It uses ENL Semantic Spinning technology, which understands the meaning of each word to generate human-quality content. The tool works on all devices and supports various spintax formats. With mass export, bulk article spinning, and paragraph creation capabilities, Spin Rewriter boosts content creation efficiency.

Using Spin Rewriter is easy. Simply paste your article into the editor, click 'One Click Rewrite' to create a unique version, and then hit 'Export' to generate up to 1,000 variations. You can also compare your original article with spun articles, integrate stock photos, and access detailed video tutorials for guidance.


The core features of WordfixerBot include a powerful AI model that produces human-like text, the ability to keep the original meaning while altering words and sentence structures, and multiple tone options to suit your style.

To use WordfixerBot, simply enter your text into the input box, choose the desired tones, and click the 'Paraphrase' button. The tool will then provide you with paraphrased versions of your original writing.


paraphrasing tool
plagiarism check
grammar check
improve vocabulary
article spinner
rewrite sentences

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Just Rewrite

Advanced AI technology for rewriting and paraphrasing content
Grammar and spelling check
Style suggestions for professional writing
Content rephrasing to create unique and engaging content
Customizable settings to tailor the tool to your needs
Support for multiple languages
Ability to fix grammar, generate more content, make it brief, add emojis, and generate hashtags
Free access without any licensing requirements
User-friendly interface and seamless user experience

To use Just Rewrite, simply input your text into the provided field and select the options you want, such as grammar and spelling check, style suggestions, and content rephrasing. Customize the settings according to your preferences and click on the 'Rewrite' or relevant button to generate the rewritten content. You can also choose the output language and select options like fixing grammar, making it brief, adding emojis, generating hashtags, and more. Once you are satisfied with the rewritten content, you can copy and use it for your purposes.


Translation with step-by-step explanations
Translation style adjustment
Generation of translation alternatives
Error spotting and explanation

To use slAItor, simply enter your text to be translated and select the desired options, such as style and step-by-step mode. You can also choose to check your own translations for errors. Then, click the translate button to get the translation. You can switch between translation and editor modes using the buttons provided.

Newest parafrasear AI Websites

AI-powered copywriting assistance tool
Enhance Kindle reading with Chat GPT.
The Best AI Essay Writing Assistant

parafrasear Core Features

Automatically rephrases text while maintaining original meaning

Utilizes natural language processing to understand and rephrase text

Supports multiple languages

Offers customization options for output style and tone

What is parafrasear can do?

Content creation: Generating unique versions of articles or product descriptions

Academic writing: Rephrasing sources to avoid plagiarism

Text simplification: Adapting complex text for different reading levels or audiences

Language learning: Generating alternative phrases to learn paraphrasing skills

parafrasear Review

Users generally find paraphrasers to be helpful tools for content creation, text simplification, and academic writing. They appreciate the time-saving aspect and the ability to generate unique phrasings. However, some users caution that paraphrasers may not always capture the exact nuances of the original text and recommend reviewing the output for accuracy. Overall, paraphrasers are seen as valuable aids when used responsibly in conjunction with human oversight.

Who is suitable to use parafrasear?

A student uses a paraphraser to rephrase passages from research sources in their own words for a paper

A content writer employs a paraphraser to generate multiple unique versions of an article for different websites

A non-native English speaker utilizes a paraphraser to simplify complex text and improve understanding

How does parafrasear work?

To use a paraphraser, follow these steps: 1) Input the original text you wish to rephrase into the paraphraser tool or API. 2) Select any desired customization options, such as output style or language. 3) Run the paraphraser to generate the rephrased text. 4) Review and edit the output as needed to ensure it accurately conveys the original meaning.

Advantages of parafrasear

Saves time and effort in manually rephrasing text

Helps create unique content and avoid plagiarism

Improves readability and engages different target audiences

Facilitates text summarization and simplification

FAQ about parafrasear

What is a paraphraser?
How does a paraphraser work?
Can a paraphraser change the meaning of the original text?
Is using a paraphraser considered plagiarism?
Can a paraphraser handle different languages?
Are paraphrasers 100% accurate?