Best 20 Letter Writer Tools in 2024

Dear Ai,, Cover Letter Writer, Write a Card, Mailyr, Lettergram - Your AI PenPal,, Coverler, Teachers Report Writer, Coverwraiter are the best paid / free Letter Writer tools.

Dear Ai
< 5K
A platform that uses AI to generate beautiful, thoughtful letters in just 30 seconds.
< 5K
AI-powered resignation letter generator
Cover Letter Writer
< 5K
Create compelling cover letters instantly.
Write a Card
< 5K
A website that uses AI to help users write personalized greeting cards for different occasions.
< 5K
Mailyr is an AI-powered email writing tool for easy composing.
Lettergram - Your AI PenPal
< 5K
An AI pen pal that sends physical letters via mail.
1 is an AI-powered platform for creating personalized cover letters.
Coverler creates personalized cover letters to help job seekers stand out in the market.
Teachers Report Writer
AI-powered app simplifies report writing for teachers in seconds.
< 5K
Craft customized cover letters easily with Coverwraiter.
True Love Letter
< 5K
Create bespoke love letters with our AI Love Letter Generator.
< 5K
Transform keywords into personalized love letters.
< 5K
IntelliMail generates emails for you, saving time and effort.
Hello Hiring Manager
< 5K
Generate job-winning cover letters instantly with Hello Hiring Manager's AI-powered platform.
< 5K
AI-powered platform for creating accurate and impactful email templates surpassing human capabilities.
< 5K
Generate customized cover letters for dream jobs with QuickCoverLetters, an efficient and free AI-powered platform.
Macar AI
< 5K
Streamline cover letter writing with AI.
Cover Letter AI
Cover Letter AI generates personalized cover letters using AI-powered language models.
< 5K
4 is an AI assistant for ecommerce marketing tasks created by Octane AI.

What is Letter Writer?

AI Letter Writer is an artificial intelligence powered tool that assists users in creating letters for different purposes, such as official, personal, marketing and more. The AI uses machine learning methods to craft effective, concise and engaging letters based on the user's input. The tool understands the context, tone, and purpose of the letter and generates the content accordingly.

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What is the top 10 AI tools for Letter Writer?

Core Features
How to use

Cover Letter AI

AI-powered tool for crafting cover letters
Supports cover letter writing in any language
Generates multiple versions based on user inputs
Ability to iterate and edit cover letters until satisfied
Data privacy ensured

1. Upload your CV: Paste your CV as text or upload the CV file to convert it into text and save it.2. Fill out initial information: Provide details such as company name, job description, writing style, and skills to focus on.3. Iterate until happy with the result: Create multiple versions of the cover letter, edit them, and generate additional versions until you are satisfied with the final result.

AI-generated cover letters tailored to each job application
Clear and concise writing style using professional language and formatting
Customizable cover letters to add a personal touch
Time-saving solution for creating high-quality cover letters for multiple job applications

5_cover_letters 10x less than a writing service Edit, revise, and download your cover letter. Quick AI edits: shorten and rephrase with a single click. 10 regenerations per cover letter. Even better output with the latest, improved AI model
10_cover_letters 10x less than a writing service Edit, revise, and download your cover letter. Quick AI edits: shorten and rephrase with a single click. 10 regenerations per cover letter. Even better output with the latest, improved AI model

To use, follow these simple steps: 1. Upload your resume to provide information about your education, experience, skills, and achievements. 2. Paste the job description of the specific role and company you are applying to. 3. Generate your AI-generated cover letter, review, make any edits, and download it.


AI-generated cover letters
Customization based on skills and job requirements
Option to upload resume
Quick generation in under 20 seconds
Ability to create multiple versions of each letter
Professional and polished language

To use Coverler, users need to provide their contact details, skills, and work experience. They can either upload their resume or manually enter the information. They also need to provide details about the job they are applying to, including the position and requirements. Coverler's AI engine will then generate a unique cover letter in under 20 seconds. Users can review and make final touch-ups before applying for the job.

Teachers Report Writer

AI-powered report generation
Personalized reports for each student
Perfect spelling and grammar
Flexible word count and writing style
Google Classroom integration
Export options for Docx and Xlsx files

To use Teachers Report Writer, simply sign up for an account. Once logged in, you can start writing reports by adding brief comments about each student. The AI algorithm will then utilize this input to create personalized, flowing reports. The generated reports can be exported as Docx or Xlsx files, which can be uploaded to a school MIS or copied and pasted wherever needed.


Transcribe consults
Generate notes
Fill documents
Dictate letters
Maintain eye contact with patients
Scribe patient consult conversations
Generate consult summaries
Add private notes using 'My Additions'
Audio dictate missed or additional information
Automate document creation
Make structural changes to notes
Summarize hour-long consults

Transcribe consults, generate notes, fill documents and dictate letters with a safe, compliant medical AI scribe. Never write clinical notes again.

Dear Ai

Bespoke Letter Generation
Full Tone Control
Multiple Letter Themes
Letter Scheduling
Social Media Integration (Coming Soon)
AI Handwritten Cards (Coming Soon)
AutoPilot Correspondence (Coming Soon)

free €0/mon Bespoke Letter Generation. Full Tone Control. 4 Letter Themes. 5 Credits Daily. 1 Credit per letter generation. Dear Ai Branding
premium €20/mon Bespoke Letter Generation. Full Tone Control. Unlimited Letter Themes. Unlimited Credits. 1 Credit per letter generation. 3 Handwritten Letters per month. Remove All Branding

Using Dear Ai is simple. You can start by creating the perfect letter for any occasion in just a few seconds. The platform leverages AI to generate personalized letters based on your preferences. You have control over the tone of voice, allowing you to dial in the perfect emotion for each letter. Dear Ai also offers letter scheduling, ensuring you never forget important occasions. In addition, it provides options for social media integration and even AI-generated handwritten cards for a more personalized touch.

Octie offers a range of core features to support ecommerce marketing efforts. These include email writing assistance, product description generation, and various other AI-powered tools to optimize marketing strategies.

To use, you can simply sign up for the service on their website. Once you have signed up, you can start utilizing the AI assistant by providing the necessary inputs or selecting the specific task you need assistance with.


The core features of IntelliMail include automated email generation, customizable templates, and a user-friendly interface. It also ensures privacy by not reading or storing user data.

To use IntelliMail, simply install the chrome extension onto your browser. Once installed, you can compose emails by selecting predefined templates or customizing templates according to your preferences. IntelliMail will generate the email content for you, eliminating the need for manual writing.

True Love Letter

Heartfelt Customization
Emotion in Every Pixel
Tangible Memories
Magic of Personalization
Send Love Soaring

Dive into the elegance of emotion with our AI Love Letter Generator, where heartfelt words bloom into bespoke messages of love. Start by providing a hint of romance to tailor your letter.

Macar AI

Automated cover letter writing system
HTMX, JavaScript, Plain Old CSS, and Pico CSS for front-end
Django for back-end

FreePlan $0/month Basic cover letter generation Access to three pre-built letter models 5 credits included (one time)
ProPlan $10/month Advanced cover letter generation Access to five pre-built letter models 100/mo credits included
PremiumPlan $25/month Premium cover letter generation Access to all available letter models 300/mo credits included

To use Macar AI, simply sign up for an account and choose a plan. Then, input your relevant information and let our automated system generate a draft cover letter for you. You can then customize and fine-tune the letter as needed.

Newest Letter Writer AI Websites

Transform keywords into personalized love letters.
True Love Letter
Create bespoke love letters with our AI Love Letter Generator.
AI Scribe to Save Clinicians Days

Letter Writer Core Features

Customized Letter Writing

Creates letters based on user input in terms of tone, purpose, and context.

Multilingual Support

Supports multiple languages, allowing users to write letters in their preferred language.

Grammar and Spelling Check

Ensures the letter is free from grammatical and spelling errors.

Templates Support

Provides a variety of template options to suit different types and purposes of letters.

Who is suitable to use Letter Writer?

AI Letter Writer is suitable for everyone, especially individuals who frequently need to write letters such as business professionals, job seekers, marketers, students, and more. Additionally, it's also beneficial for non-native English speakers to write letters in a correct and professional way.

How does Letter Writer work?

AI Letter Writer works by using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms. When the user input the required information or chooses a template, the AI analyzes the data, understands the context and tone, and then generates a piece of letter that fits the user's intention. The produced letter then can be edited or directly used depending on the user's need.

Advantages of Letter Writer

AI Letter Writer saves time and effort as it eliminates the need for drafting from scratch. The AI ensures accuracy, thus reducing errors. It also offers a wide range of customization options and supports multiple languages. And since it operates online, it can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

FAQ about Letter Writer

Can I edit the -generated letter?
Does AI Letter Writer offer any templates?
Can I use AI Letter Writer for writing letters in languages other than English?