Allotropy Studio

What is Allotropy Studio?

Alburn Technologies is a subscription-based service that offers Applied AI, Product Design & Development solutions. They provide a range of services including AI-powered research, design and development as a service, and visualization of concepts like Bitcoin. They utilize a shared Notion workspace for efficient project management and communication.

Added on June 11 2023

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Allotropy Studio

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How to install?

How to use Allotropy Studio?

To use Alburn Technologies, you can sign up for one of their subscription plans: Entry, Standard, or Double Up. Each plan offers a certain number of sprints that can be utilized for tasks or projects. Simply add your projects or tasks to the shared Notion board, and Alburn Technologies will ensure fast turnarounds with high-quality craftsmanship. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

Allotropy Studio's Core Features

Applied AI solutions
Product design and development
Shared Notion workspace for project management
Efficient and async workflows
Sprint-based task breakdown
Transparent pricing
Fast turnarounds
Exceptional craftsmanship
Unlimited revisions
Senior level design and development

Allotropy Studio's Use Cases

Supercharging basic research with AI
AI-powered DeFi protocol development
Providing a new home for the Russian avant-garde art collection
Visualizing core concepts of Bitcoin
Designing web and mobile interfaces
Conducting UX research and design
Creating design systems and infographics
Developing using technologies like React, Node, Express, Flask, Webflow, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB
Applying AI technologies like GPT, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, Vector Embeddings, GCP Vision AI, Algolia, and Clarifai

Allotropy Studio's Plan



Two 1-week sprints or one 2-week sprint



Four 1-week sprints or two 2-week sprints

Double Up


Four 1-week sprints or two 2-week sprints

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