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The only DXP for higher education institutions
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Mar 24 2024
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Griddo Product Information

What is Griddo?

The only DXP for higher education institutions

How to use Griddo?

Build your brand and scale your marketing capabilities with Griddo. Centralize all your web assets. Create and manage all your websites with a simple No-Code interface. Ensure brand consistency with an exclusive Design System.

Griddo's Core Features

Centralized management of all your sites

Complete control of the publication of sites with the focus on conversion

Ultra-flexible modular system to provide consistency and scalability

Streamline your workflow by integrating the tools you are already using

Griddo's Use Cases


Create and publish websites for higher education institutions


Manage digital assets and content for marketing and branding purposes


Scale marketing capabilities and improve brand consistency

FAQ from Griddo

What is Griddo?

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