Harken Chrome Extension

What is Harken Chrome Extension?

Harken is a smart flashcard app that uses spaced repetition and active recall to make remembering easy.

Added on June 06 2023

Provides Website. Over 1.7K monthly visits.

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How to install?

How to use Harken Chrome Extension?

Use Harken's Chrome extension to quiz yourself on articles and generate multiple-choice questions. Add the questions you like to Harken's spaced repetition app for long-term retention.

Harken Chrome Extension's Core Features

Flashcard app with spaced repetition and active recall, Chrome extension for article quizzing, flexible card editor, responsive web app, Anki deck import, progress tracking

Harken Chrome Extension's Use Cases

#1 Learning any subject
#2 Studying for exams
#3 Vocabulary memorization
#4 Learning new languages
#5 Art appreciation
#6 Personal finance education

Harken Chrome Extension Traffic

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FAQ from Harken Chrome Extension

What learning strategy does Harken use?
How does Harken's spaced repetition schedule work?
Can I quiz myself on any article on the web?
Can I import my existing Anki decks to Harken?
Does Harken track my learning progress?

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