What is Nokori?

Nokori is a universal backend platform that provides a comprehensive set of features and tools for building, hosting, and growing SaaS (Software as a Service) businesses. It offers a Universal Data Layer, Instant Database APIs, Authentication & User Management, Instant 3rd Party API integrations, and Transactional Email capabilities.

Added on May 24 2023

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How to install?

How to use Nokori?

To use Nokori, you can sign up for a free account and start by integrating their official SDKs into your project. With Nokori Hubs, you can easily connect to existing databases and 3rd party APIs without deploying servers. The Auth feature allows you to add user sign ups and logins with simplicity. You can also create vector representations of text and images using Embeddings, label text and images programmatically with Classifiers, and send transactional emails with rich HTML templates using the Mail feature. Nokori provides a centralized and unified management interface to easily manage all your API connections and SQL queries.

Nokori's Core Features

Universal Data Layer
Instant Database APIs
Authentication & User Management
Instant 3rd Party API integrations
Transactional Email

Nokori's Use Cases

#1 Building SaaS applications
#2 Rapidly launching new products
#3 Adding user authentication to applications
#4 Managing and analyzing data
#5 Sending transactional emails

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FAQ from Nokori

What is Nokori?
How can I use Nokori?
What are the core features of Nokori?
What are the use cases for Nokori?