Selfarama Books

What is Selfarama Books?

Selfarama is a website that offers personalized picture-books and custom gifts. Users can create characters based on their children's features using uploaded photos, and the artificial intelligence technology on the website will generate original illustrations with these features. These illustrations can be used in educational picture-books, calendars, tote bags, and tee shirts. Selfarama aims to make learning fun and promote individuality and creativity.

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How to install?

How to use Selfarama Books?

1. Create a character: Upload photos of your child and allow the AI to generate original illustrations of their features. 2. Choose products: Explore the options of educational picture-books, calendars, tote bags, and tee shirts featuring the illustrations. 3. Place your order: Complete your purchase and wait for your customized items to be printed and shipped.

Selfarama Books's Core Features

1. Personalized picture-books: Selfarama offers hardcover books with fun, factual content and illustrations of your child created by AI. 2. Customized products: In addition to picture-books, users can order custom calendars, tote bags, and tee shirts featuring the AI-generated illustrations of their child. 3. AI-powered character creation: The website's AI technology learns to draw the child's features in various poses and styles, providing unique and personalized illustrations.

Selfarama Books's Use Cases

#1 1. Learning tool: Parents and teachers can use Selfarama's educational picture-books to make learning more engaging and enjoyable for children. 2. Gift ideas: Selfarama provides a perfect gift option for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion by creating personalized and custom products. 3. Keepsake: The customized picture-books and products serve as memorable keepsakes for children to cherish their unique illustrations and individuality.

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