Teammate Lang

What is Teammate Lang?

"Teammate Lang" is an all-in-one solution for LLM App developers and operations. It elevates the Time-to-value, Reliability and ROI of your LLM Apps with features like "No-code App Builder", "Prompt Manager", "Built-in Multimodal AI" and "A/B Testing & Analytics".

Added on December 07 2023

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How to install?

How to use Teammate Lang?

Teammate Lang provides a comprehensive platform for LLM App development and operations. You can quickly build LLM App logics visually using the no-code editor, simplify integrations with multiple Gen AI models, and run simulations to test against complex workflows. The platform also offers advanced analytics, prompt version management, and built-in security measures for LLM Apps. To get started, sign up for free and explore all the features.

Teammate Lang's Core Features

No-code App Builder
Prompt Manager
Built-in Multimodal AI
A/B Testing & Analytics

Teammate Lang's Use Cases

#1 Teammate Lang is designed to address the challenges faced by LLM App developers and operations. It helps integrate Generative AI into projects, simplifies prompt logic, facilitates adaptation to evolving language models, and ensures generative AI security. The platform is suitable for a wide range of LLM applications, including context-aware agents, advanced assistants, image recognition, translation, and more.

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