Create a Stunning Money-Back Guarantee Badge in Adobe Illustrator

Create a Stunning Money-Back Guarantee Badge in Adobe Illustrator

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating the Basic Badge Shape
  3. Adding Triangle Shapes
  4. Duplicating and Rotating the Triangles
  5. Uniting the Shapes
  6. Adding Color to the Badge
  7. Creating Text on a Path
  8. Adding Typography Effects
  9. Creating the Money Back Guarantee Text
  10. Adding Stars
  11. Adding a Signature
  12. Conclusion


In this Tutorial, we will learn how to create a cool money-back guarantee badge in Adobe Illustrator. This badge can be used for various purposes, such as labeling products or courses. We will start by creating the basic badge shape using a circle and triangle shapes. Then, we will add color, typography, stars, and a signature to enhance the design. So let's dive in and create an eye-catching badge that will make your offerings stand out from the crowd!

Creating the Basic Badge Shape

To begin, we will create the base shape of the badge. This shape will serve as the foundation for the design. Using the ellipse tool, we will create a perfect circle by holding "Alt" and "Shift" while dragging the tool. We will then select a color for the circle, let's say black for now.

Adding Triangle Shapes

Next, we will add triangle shapes to the badge. By right-clicking and selecting the star tool, we can create a star shape. We will then drag it out and press the down arrow key to transform it into a triangle. After adjusting the size and rounding off the edges, we will duplicate the triangle shapes.

Duplicating and Rotating the Triangles

To create a symmetrical pattern, we will duplicate and rotate the triangle shapes around the circle. Pressing "Ctrl + D" will duplicate the last action, allowing us to easily create a circular arrangement of triangles. By selecting both the circle and triangles, we can Align them in the center using the align tools.

Uniting the Shapes

After arranging the triangle shapes, we will unite them with the circle using the Pathfinder tool. This will merge all the shapes into one Cohesive design. We can then change the color of the shape, let's say orange, and duplicate it as a backup.

Adding Color to the Badge

To make the badge more visually appealing, we can adjust the stroke and fill colors. By increasing the stroke size and applying a dashed line, we can create an attractive border for the badge. Playing with different stroke settings can yield interesting effects, such as rounded caps or increased dash lengths.

Creating Text on a Path

Now it's time to add text to the badge. By duplicating the circular path and pasting it in front ("Ctrl + C" and "Ctrl + F"), we can create text that follows the circular shape. After selecting the path and increasing the Font size, we will change the font color and make it uppercase.

Adding Typography Effects

To give the text more visual interest, we can duplicate it again and Scale it down. By rotating this smaller text to an angle, we can create a dynamic effect. Additionally, aligning the middle line of the text with the center of the circle will bring the text from the outer to the inner part of the badge. We can further enhance the typography by changing the font color and scaling down the text.

Creating the Money Back Guarantee Text

To emphasize the money-back guarantee aspect of the badge, we will add additional text. By duplicating the existing text and making some changes, we can create a new line that reads "30-day guarantee" or a variation of that. Adjusting the font size, color, and positioning will ensure that it fits nicely within the badge.

Adding Stars

Stars are a great way to add visual interest to the badge. By creating a star shape and rotating it, we can create a group of stars. After duplicating and aligning them, we can unite the stars using the "Ctrl + G" command. Changing the color of the stars and adjusting their size can add a touch of elegance to the design.

Adding a Signature

Finally, we will add a signature to personalize the badge. By typing our name and adjusting the font style, we can create an authentic signature effect. Placing the signature at an appropriate position and changing the color will ensure it blends well with the rest of the design.


Congratulations! You have successfully created a stunning money-back guarantee badge in Adobe Illustrator. With the combination of basic shapes, compelling typography, stars, and a signature, you have crafted a visually appealing and trustworthy badge. Feel free to experiment with different colors, shapes, and effects to suit your branding needs. Now, unleash your creativity and apply this new skill to enhance your product offerings and make a lasting impression on your audience.


  • Learn how to create a money-back guarantee badge in Adobe Illustrator
  • Create a visually appealing design using basic shapes and typography
  • Enhance the badge with stars and a personal signature
  • Customize the colors and effects to match your branding
  • Use alignment tools to create symmetrical designs


Q: Can I use these techniques in other design software? A: While this tutorial is specifically for Adobe Illustrator, you can adapt the concepts and techniques to other design software with similar features.

Q: How can I further customize the badge design? A: Feel free to experiment with different shapes, colors, fonts, and effects to create a unique badge that represents your brand or product.

Q: Can I use this badge for commercial purposes? A: Yes, you can use this badge to label and promote your products, courses, or services with a money-back guarantee.


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