Create an Eye-Catching Money-Back Guarantee Badge in Adobe Illustrator

Create an Eye-Catching Money-Back Guarantee Badge in Adobe Illustrator

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Creating the Basic Shape
  • Adding Triangular Shapes
  • Applying Colors and Styling
  • Adding Text Elements
  • Creating the Money-Back Guarantee Badge
  • Finalizing the Design
  • Conclusion


In this article, we will explore how to create a visually appealing money-back guarantee badge using Adobe Illustrator. This badge can be utilized for various purposes, such as products, courses, and more. By following the step-by-step instructions provided, you will be able to design a professional-looking badge that not only attracts attention but also adds credibility to your offerings. So let's dive in and learn how to create this cool guaranteed money-back badge!

Creating the Basic Shape

To start off, we will begin by creating a round circle shape using the ellipse tool in Illustrator. By simply right-clicking on the rectangle tool and selecting the ellipse tool, you can hold the Alt and Shift keys while dragging the Cursor to create a perfect circle. Once the circle is created, you can choose the desired color for the shape.

Adding Triangular Shapes

Next, we will create triangular shapes that will be arranged around the circle to form the base of the badge. To do this, right-click and select the star shape tool. Then, drag out the shape and press the down arrow key to transform it into a triangle. After adjusting the triangle to the desired size and position, duplicate it by pressing Ctrl+D (or Command+D for Mac users). Repeat this step until you have a complete circle of triangular shapes.

Applying Colors and Styling

Now that we have the basic structure of the badge, we can begin applying colors and styles to enhance its visual appeal. Select all the shapes and use the Pathfinder tool to unite them into a single shape. Once united, you can change the color of the badge to your liking. Additionally, you can adjust the stroke width, change it to a dashed line, and round off the line ends for a more polished look.

Adding Text Elements

To add text to the badge, duplicate the main shape using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+F. Then, Scale down the duplicated shape and click on the Type tool. Right-click on the duplicated shape and select "Type on a Path" from the dropdown menu. This will allow you to type directly on the shape. Increase the Font size, change the font to your preference, and set the text color to white. Add a compelling message, such as "Premium Quality Products," and adjust the positioning and size of the text to fit within the shape.

Creating the Money-Back Guarantee Badge

To create the money-back guarantee text section, duplicate a segment of the badge and reduce its size. Then, modify the text by clicking on it and changing it to "30-day guarantee." Adjust the positioning and size of the text to Align with the badge design. Additionally, you can add another text element, such as "money back," using the same technique. Feel free to adjust the colors and size of the text to your preference.

Finalizing the Design

To further enhance the design, you can add star shapes to the badge. Right-click on the rectangle shape tool and select the star tool. Drag out a star shape and round off its edges. You can change the color to your liking and duplicate and arrange the stars as desired. By grouping them together, you can easily manage and modify their appearance.


In this Tutorial, we have explored the process of creating a professional money-back guarantee badge using Adobe Illustrator. By following the step-by-step instructions and utilizing various tools and techniques within Illustrator, you can design badges that effectively promote trust and credibility for your products or services. Experiment with different colors, fonts, and shapes to customize the badge to suit your brand. Now that you have learned how to create a compelling money-back guarantee badge, you are well-equipped to enhance your marketing materials and build strong customer trust.


  • Learn how to create an eye-catching money-back guarantee badge in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Utilize shapes, colors, and text elements to design a professional badge.
  • Enhance your marketing materials with visually appealing badges.
  • Boost customer trust and credibility with a compelling badge design.
  • Customize the badge to suit your brand identity and style.


Q: Can I use the money-back guarantee badge for my online courses? A: Absolutely! The money-back guarantee badge can be effectively utilized for online courses to build trust and encourage potential students to enroll.

Q: How can I change the colors of the badge to match my brand? A: In Adobe Illustrator, you can easily change the colors of the badge by selecting the desired shapes and using the color swatch or color picker tool to select new colors.

Q: Is it possible to create badges of different shapes, such as squares or rectangles? A: Yes, you can experiment and create badges of different shapes by utilizing the shape tools in Adobe Illustrator. Simply select the desired shape tool and adjust the size and proportions as needed.

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