Asus VivoBook 15 - Full Review and Best Laptop Under 40k!

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Asus VivoBook 15 - Full Review and Best Laptop Under 40k!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Physical Design and View
  3. Display and Keyboard
  4. Processor and Performance
  5. Graphics and Gaming
  6. Battery and Charging
  7. Price and Value for Money
  8. Additional Features
  9. Pros and Cons
  10. Conclusion


🖥️ Introduction

Welcome back to your favorite YouTube Channel, Future Tech No Gas. In this video, I'll be reviewing the VivoBook 15. Whether you're a student or you work in an office, this laptop is going to be very helpful for you. With a gas-i5 processor and a price of ₹40,000, this laptop offers a lot of positive specifications. In this video, I will cover both the positive and negative aspects of this laptop, so make sure to watch it till the end. Please subscribe to our channel and help us reach our achievement of 1 million subscribers.

💻 Physical Design and View

Let's start by looking at the physical design and view of the laptop. On the front side, you can see the matte metallic texture, which gives it a premium and Durable look. The laptop has a slim and compact design, making it easy to carry. However, one negative side is that the back side is made of plastic, which doesn't feel as premium as the metallic texture. The laptop also features a full-screen display, which is 15.6 inches in size. The screen is slim and symmetric, but it lacks the wow factor that comes with an edge-to-edge display.

⌨️ Display and Keyboard

Moving on to the keyboard, you'll find a full-sized keypad with a comfortable typing experience. The keys are well-spaced and provide a good typing speed. However, one negative aspect is that the backlighting is missing on the keyboard. So, typing in low-light conditions might be a bit challenging. The trackpad, on the other HAND, is large and provides good accuracy. It also supports customizations, allowing you to enable various gestures to enhance your utility.

💪 Processor and Performance

Now let's talk about the processor and performance of the laptop. The VivoBook 15 comes with an Intel i5 processor, which is integrated with 11th Gen processor. This gives the laptop a powerful performance and allows it to handle tasks smoothly. The laptop also has 8GB RAM and 500GB memory, with expandable storage options available. Overall, this laptop offers a good performance Package at a price range of around ₹40,000.

🎮 Graphics and Gaming

In terms of graphics, the VivoBook 15 features an integrated Intel graphics card. While it's not a dedicated NVIDIA or Radeon graphics card, it still performs well for normal usage and basic gaming. However, for heavy gamers or graphic designers, this laptop may not meet their requirements. The color quality of the screen is decent, but it lacks the vibrant and accurate colors that are expected in a premium laptop.

🔋 Battery and Charging

Now let's discuss the battery and charging of the laptop. The laptop comes with a 45W charger, which charges the laptop completely in around 2 hours. The battery backup of the VivoBook 15 is impressive, providing up to 6 hours of screen-on time. This is quite good for a laptop in this price range, and it ensures that you can comfortably use the laptop for extended periods of time without worrying about charging.

💲 Price and Value for Money

Speaking of the price, the VivoBook 15 is priced at around ₹40,000, which is quite reasonable considering the specifications it offers. However, if you search online, you may find it for as low as ₹35,000, which makes it an even better deal. In terms of value for money, this laptop definitely falls into the "good" category, providing a balance of performance, features, and affordability.

🌟 Additional Features

Apart from the Mentioned features, the VivoBook 15 also includes some additional features. It has an HD webcam for video conferences and an SD card slot for expanding the memory. The laptop supports various ports, including HDMI and USB Type-C, which add to its utility. One feature that stands out is the inclusion of a physical fingerprint sensor on the right side, which adds an extra layer of security. Overall, the laptop offers a good range of additional features that further enhance its usability.

✔️ Pros and Cons

To summarize the pros and cons of the VivoBook 15:


  • Slim and durable design
  • Full-sized keyboard with good typing experience
  • Powerful performance with Intel i5 processor
  • Good battery backup
  • Affordable price range with good value for money
  • Additional features like webcam and fingerprint sensor


  • Lack of edge-to-edge display
  • Backlighting missing on the keyboard
  • Integrated graphics card not suitable for heavy gaming or graphic designing
  • Color quality and speaker performance could be improved

🏁 Conclusion

In conclusion, the VivoBook 15 is a budget laptop that offers a good balance of performance, features, and affordability. With its slim design, powerful processor, and decent battery backup, it provides a reliable option for both students and office workers. However, if you require high-end graphics or a premium display, you might want to consider other options. Nonetheless, considering its overall package, the VivoBook 15 is a solid choice in the sub-₹40,000 price range.


  • VivoBook 15 offers a slim and durable design.
  • The laptop features a full-sized keyboard for comfortable typing.
  • It is equipped with an Intel i5 processor for good performance.
  • The battery backup of the VivoBook 15 is impressive, providing up to 6 hours of screen-on time.
  • The laptop is reasonably priced, making it a good value for money option.


Q: Does the VivoBook 15 have a dedicated graphics card for gaming?

A: No, the VivoBook 15 comes with an integrated Intel graphics card, which is not suitable for heavy gaming.

Q: Does the keyboard of the VivoBook 15 have backlighting?

A: No, the keyboard does not have backlighting, which can make typing in low-light conditions challenging.

Q: What is the price range of the VivoBook 15?

A: The VivoBook 15 is priced around ₹40,000, but it can be found for as low as ₹35,000 online.

Q: Does the VivoBook 15 have a fingerprint sensor?

A: Yes, the laptop has a physical fingerprint sensor for added security.

Q: What is the battery backup of the VivoBook 15?

A: The VivoBook 15 offers up to 6 hours of screen-on time, providing a decent battery backup for daily usage.


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