What is DeepType?

DeepType is an AI-powered tool that helps writers research and write well-informed books by surfacing relevant information as they type. It enhances content by including important facts and details that may have been overlooked, improving the flow of ideas and preventing writer's block.

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How to install?

How to use DeepType?

To use DeepType, simply open your text editor and start typing. As you type, DeepType's AI algorithms analyze your content and search the web without predetermined algorithms. It then provides text suggestions and relevant information that you can include in your writing. You can also save these findings for later access while you're writing.

DeepType's Core Features

The core features of DeepType include: 1. Surfacing relevant information: DeepType helps writers find and include important facts and details in their writing. 2. AI-powered information assistance: AI algorithms generate text suggestions to prevent writer's block and provide inspiration. 3. Research inside your text editor: DeepType allows you to search the web without predetermined algorithms, ensuring unbiased search results. 4. Saving items for later: DeepType lets you save research findings for later access while you're writing.

DeepType's Use Cases

DeepType can be used for various purposes, including but not limited to: 1. Writing books: DeepType assists writers in conducting research and adding relevant information to their book manuscripts. 2. Content creation: It helps content creators in writing articles, blog posts, and other online content by providing text suggestions and research assistance. 3. Academic writing: DeepType aids researchers and students in gathering information and improving their academic writing by offering relevant resources and ideas.

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