Best 6 ai voice remover Tools in 2024

LALAL.AI, HitPaw Official, AudioNinja, VEED.IO, Captions, are the best paid / free ai voice remover tools.

Fast and easy AI-powered vocal remover to extract stems from audio and video files.
Unleash Creativity with AI
Innovative AI-powered audio analysis and processing platform for vocals removal, isolating elements, and finding key and BPM.
Free AI video editor with text to video, avatars, auto-subtitles, voice translations.
Creating professional videos made easy with Captions' AI-powered studio.
Generate high-quality content instantly.

What is ai voice remover?

An AI voice remover is a tool that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to isolate and remove vocal tracks from audio recordings. This technology has gained popularity in recent years due to advancements in machine learning and signal processing techniques.

What is the top 6 AI tools for ai voice remover?

Core Features
How to use


Video Editor
Screen Recorder
Subtitles & Transcription
Video Trimmer
Video Merger
Crop Video
Loop Video
Resize Video
Rotate Video
AI Avatars
AI Image Generator
AI Video
AI Voice Generator
Eye Contact AI
Video Background Remover
Voice Dubber

VEED.IO is a user-friendly online video editor that allows you to create and edit videos with ease. Simply upload your video, make edits using the various tools and features available, and then save and share your edited video.

HitPaw Official

AI Video Enhancer
Video Converter
AI Video Editor
Video Object Remover
AI Photo Editor
Photo Converter
AI Object Remover
Photo Watermark Remover
Voice Changer
Music Converter
Audio Enhancer

Click on the respective products to access AI tools for video, photo, and audio editing.


LALAL.AI offers the following core features: 1. Stem Splitter: Extract vocals, instrumental, drums, bass, guitar, synth, string & wind instruments from audio and video files. 2. Voice Cleaner: Remove background music, vocal plosives, mic rumble, and other unwanted noises from audio recordings. 3. Tools & API: Download LALAL.AI applications for convenient use on different devices and integrate their powerful AI technology into your website or service through the provided API.


To use LALAL.AI, simply upload the audio or video file you want to split. The service will quickly and accurately separate the vocals and instrumental tracks. As a new user, you will need to sign up to split the entire file and download the full stems. Choose from different package options, such as Starter, Lite, Plus, Master, Premium, and Enterprise, depending on your needs and volume of files to be processed. Once you have selected a package, follow the prompts to complete the payment process. Afterward, you can download the extracted tracks in high quality.


Video compression for optimizing file size
Eye contact correction in post-production
Subtitles and captions generation from audio
Translation of audio and captions into 28 languages
Script generation with any prompt or reference material
AI-powered music composition for background tracks
Color grading and scheme generation
Background removal
Rotoscoping for object cutouts
Sound effects and track selection
Metadata generation for video distribution
Voice dubbing in multiple languages
Automatic extraction of viral-worthy clips

To use Captions, simply download the app or access the desktop version. Once installed, you can start by selecting the desired video or audio files. From there, you can choose from a range of features to optimize and customize your content, such as compressing videos, correcting eye contact, adding subtitles, translating captions, generating scripts, and composing background music. The intuitive interface and automated processes make it easy to navigate and create high-quality videos effortlessly.


Vocal Remover: Easily separate vocals from any song to create instrumentals, remixes, and karaoke tracks.
NinjaUnmix: Utilize AI-driven stem separator to effectively isolate individual elements like drums, bass, and more.
Bpm & key finder: Effortlessly find the key and BPM of any song with our AI-powered tool.

To remove vocals from a song, simply upload it on AudioNinja and enjoy its instrumental and acapella versions. For isolating individual elements or finding the key and BPM of a song, use the corresponding tools on the platform.

Images Writing
AI-Powered Personal Assistant
Chrome Extension
AI-Powered Writing Features
Create Stunning Visuals
Ultra-Realistic Voice Generation
Text to Music AI

Uktob Starter Unlimited access to Faheem on WhatsApp. Web Application. AI-Generated Images: 70. Ultra-Realistic Voice Generation: 4,000 Characters. AI-Generated Words: 75,000. 30+ AI Templates. AI-Enhanced Images. Image Background AI Remover. Image Background AI Replacement. Commercial License
Uktob Pro Faheem on WhatsApp. Faheem Chrome Extension. AI-Generated Images: 140. Ultra-Realistic Voice Generation: 8,800 Characters. AI-Generated Words: 150,000. 30+ Templates. AI-Enhanced Images. Image Background AI Remover. Image Background AI Replacement. Commercial License
Uktob Max Faheem on WhatsApp. Faheem Chrome Extension. AI-Generated Images: 470. Ultra-Realistic Voice Generation: 29,500 Characters. AI-Generated Words: 500,000. 30+ Templates. AI-Enhanced Images. Image Background AI Remover. Image Background AI Replacement. Commercial License. Priority Customer Support. Up to 5 Team Members

Instantly generate high-quality images, voice-overs and text in Arabic & English. Remove backgrounds, produce voice-overs, marketing copy, write SEO content, blog posts, sales emails & social captions in seconds.

Newest ai voice remover AI Websites

Free AI video editor with text to video, avatars, auto-subtitles, voice translations.
Unleash Creativity with AI
Generate high-quality content instantly.

ai voice remover Core Features

Isolating vocal tracks from instrumental accompaniment

Preserving the quality of the instrumental track

Handling various genres and recording qualities

Batch processing for multiple audio files

What is ai voice remover can do?

Music education: Creating backing tracks for instrumental practice and performance.

Audio restoration: Removing unwanted vocal artifacts from historical recordings.

Podcasting: Isolating guest vocals for better audio quality and editing flexibility.

Film and TV production: Separating dialogue, sound effects, and background music for post-production.

ai voice remover Review

Users praise AI voice removers for their time-saving capabilities, ease of use, and high-quality output. Some reviewers note that while the technology is impressive, results may vary depending on the complexity of the original audio. Overall, AI voice removers are considered a valuable asset for musicians, producers, and audio professionals seeking to isolate instrumental tracks quickly and efficiently.

Who is suitable to use ai voice remover?

A karaoke enthusiast uses an AI voice remover to create instrumental versions of their favorite songs for singing along.

A DJ uses the tool to isolate instrumental hooks and beats for live remixing and mashups.

A music producer employs an AI voice remover to create acapella tracks for remixing and sampling.

How does ai voice remover work?

To use an AI voice remover, follow these steps: 1) Select the audio file you want to process. 2) Choose the output format and quality settings. 3) Initiate the voice removal process. 4) Wait for the AI algorithms to analyze and remove the vocal track. 5) Save the resulting instrumental track to your desired location.

Advantages of ai voice remover

Enables the creation of karaoke tracks from existing recordings

Facilitates remixing and sampling by providing isolated instrumental tracks

Enhances audio analysis and transcription by removing vocal interference

Saves time and effort compared to manual vocal removal techniques

FAQ about ai voice remover

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